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Considering the growing number of crypto websites, if you plan to make your crypto business stand out in the competitive blockchain industry – having an average website design will not be enough. In this article, experts from our web design company will share their fresh NFT and cryptocurrency website design ideas to help you get a better insight into what makes a great crypto web design.

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Get crypto web design ideas to secure success for your next project.

How to create a crypto website design that converts

Visitors form an opinion about your business quickly after visiting your website. That opinion usually has a significant impact on their following actions. And while a visual appeal is important for creating a good first impression, people often forget about another crucial ingredient that makes a crypto website design high converting – functionality. A high conversion rate will help your business grow and attract new customers through word-of-mouth marketing. To increase conversion rates on your crypto business website, consider the following tips:

Build a custom crypto web design that speaks to your target audience

While drag-n-drop website building platforms that allow business owners with zero coding experience to create a crypto web design emerged as a trend, the value of custom-coded websites is still untouchable, especially in the cryptocurrency space. Even though page builders might be a tempting option for building a website, the end result will never match the trustworthiness, functionality, and unique look of the professional advertising agency design for your crypto website. 

By analyzing your target audience and business goals, web design agencies will help you choose the right cryptocurrency website design approach. And while you’d be stuck with the limited number of features to implement on a website if you opted for page builders, hiring web design development services gives you unlimited opportunities for customization of the user experience. A custom crypto web design will help you: 

  • Build a faster crypto website that passes Core Web Vitals criteria
  • Design a crypto website that aligns with your brand values
  • Build a website that can handle increased traffic as your crypto business grows
  • Improve the security level of your crypto website

Websites that professionals design also aligns with the latest UX design trends, which means they have a longer lifespan. And last but not least, before hiring a web design agency or a freelance graphic web designer, make sure that you check their web design inspiration gallery. That will help you find just the right people who can transform your crypto web design ideas into a fully functional cryptocurrency trading platform.

Use negative space – let your ideas be seen

Negative space (often called white space) is the empty space around the content often used in crypto website designs to achieve a balanced and attractive look on web pages. It is handy to mention that negative space is better used in the crypto design, given that many of crypto-related themes tend to be darker. Utilizing negative space in your crypto web design can help you:

  • Make your crypto website look more organized and professional
  • Boost user experiences by allowing visitors’ eyes to rest. 
  • Create a border around sections of a page to divide it into different sections
  • Highlight the most important elements of your brand identity system

Negative space also refers to the space between your paragraphs, text lines, and letters. Keep in mind that understanding UX typography is essential for creating a high-converting crypto web design.

Build Trust to Increase Buy-in Into Your Project and Expand Your Community

Since blockchain technology is relatively new and many people still don’t completely understand it, you need to focus on building trust with potential customers through your cryptocurrency website design. Implementing the following elements will help you reduce friction and increase the conversion rate on your crypto website:

  • Reviews & Testimonials – Before trading their crypto assets on your website, potential customers will likely check the reviews of other people who have already done business with you. If a crypto business doesn’t have reviews, it may be difficult for people to trust that it is legitimate. Reviews can also help you identify your customers’ common problems, allowing you to improve your services. Implementing photo testimonials in your crypto web design is also a good idea, as showing satisfied customers’ faces will boost your credibility even further. 
  • Photos of your team – showing your team will help you assure potential customers that your business is a legitimate and safe place where they can buy and sell crypto assets.
  • Social media accounts – Providing links to your regularly updated social media accounts will show your potential customers that you are an active crypto business that aims to connect with its clients. It is also vital to design social media posts with your target audience in mind and hit just the right tone for spreading your messages.
  • Reduce technical jargon – You need to clearly explain to an average user what your crypto business is about. Use illustrations where you can’t avoid technical jargon, as visuals can help people better understand complex information.
steps to create crypto website that converts

What makes good crypto web design?

Whether you are planning to build a cryptocurrency trading platform or a Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, your website design needs the following:

An enhanced user experience that ensures that you don’t look like a scam

A good crypto web design is built with customers in mind. Designing unique user experiences on your cryptocurrency exchange website is vital for building long-term relationships with your clients. Some of the ways to provide an enhanced user experience are by creating:

  • Easy navigation
  • Mobile-friendly crypto web design
  • Fast website loading times
  • Accessible crypto web design

The best practice is to create a comprehensive UX strategy that will serve you as a roadmap during the crypto website design process. 

Easy navigation toward your ILO and token offerings

Navigation is one of the most important aspects of crypto web design. With many cryptocurrencies or NFT artworks, you need to make it easy for users to find the information, pages, and assets they are looking for. Navigation can be done in a variety of ways, but the best practices include: 

 Make everything accessible within three actions

  • Establish a visual hierarchy
  • Use clear and concise navigation menus
  • Internal search feature
  • Design an easy payment process
  • Create a Sitemap

Mobile-friendly crypto web design will make mobile traders happy

Many people use smartphones and tablets to trade cryptocurrency on the go. That’s why you need to ensure that your crypto web design both looks good and functions well across various devices and screen sizes. Responsive and adaptive web design are the two most popular techniques for designing mobile-friendly cryptocurrency exchange websites.

While responsive web design takes advantage of fluid grids to adjust to an almost unlimited number of screen sizes automatically, adaptive web design gives you more control over the element placement on your crypto website on the most popular screen sizes. And since people often have different intentions when accessing a cryptocurrency website on mobile and desktop devices, you can utilize the power of adaptive web design to better meet the needs of each visitor. The only downside of this technique is that your website development services provider will have to create a separate crypto web design for the most common screen widths, which might result in increased costs.

Fast website loading times make you look reputable

Page speeds not only affect the overall user experience on your website, but they can also determine your success in search engines. 

Once a user finds and clicks on your crypto website in the search engine, the time it takes for the landing page to load will significantly impact the first impression they form about your business. Around 70% of people don’t wait longer than three seconds for a website to load before they return to the SERP, which results in an increased bounce rate. If the percentage of visitors who leave your website becomes too high, Google algorithms will take it as an alert sign which might negatively affect its SEO performance.

So, if you are wondering when to redesign your website, you can ask yourself if your website takes too long to load. If the answer remains positive even after uninstalling the unnecessary plugins and optimizing images, it is time for a redesign. 

things that make good crypto web design

Well-designed Hero Section That Radiates Authority


A website hero section is a subsection of your crypto website that can help you to stand out in the blockchain industry by highlighting the most important or interesting aspects of your business. It is placed just below the logo and menu. As creating a great first impression is essential, this section should be strategically positioned to grab visitors’ attention and establish an emotional connection with your target audience. The goal is to make your website a place that your customers want to visit again and again. Here are just some of the ways the hero section is implemented in crypto website designs:

  • Attention-grabbing photography
  • Image Slideshow
  • Background video
  • Illustrations

You should also invest a lot of time in writing a powerful headline for your crypto website’s hero section. It is usually the first piece of text visitors read, so ensure that you set the right tone that speaks to your ideal customer. After you finish writing a headline, move on to the subheading, where you will ideally provide more information about your business and intrigue visitors to keep exploring your cryptocurrency exchange website.

If you’re still lacking inspiration for a hero section, check our website hero ideas which can also be applied to crypto website designs.

High-level Cyber Security and Audit Trust Seals

As the blockchain market is projected to exceed $67 billion by 2026, it is not a surprise that crypto exchanges are a tempting target for hackers. If you, as a crypto business owner, fail to protect customers’ assets and private information from cyber-attacks, you will be risking your whole credibility. A hacking event could lead to financial loss for both your business and its clients; that’s why it is crucial to have a strong security protocol in place.

When considering good cryptocurrency practices, one must not overlook the importance of design elements in cryptocurrency web design. This encompasses not only aesthetics but also the security and user experience aspects, ensuring a safe and efficient environment for users. Best security practices for crypto web design include:

  • Implementing SSL certificate
  • Offering a two-factor authentification option
  • Conducting penetration tests
  • Cold storage for customers’ assets

Easy Access to Customer support

You should not forget about comprehensive customer support when creating a crypto web design. Blockchain technology is a relatively new and complex field, so it is normal to expect that your customers will have many questions. Reducing the friction and helping them understand the advantages of this technology will result in increased conversion rates on your crypto website. Consider introducing the following features as an integral part of your customer support:

  • Live Chat customer service
  • Chatbots
  • Multiple languages support
  • FAQ and Knowledge base sections

Color scheme ideas for your cryptocurrency website

color scheme ideas for crypto websites

It is not a secret that web designers can take advantage of color schemes to evoke different emotions. When designing a cryptocurrency website, it is vital to choose a color scheme that will work well with the rest of the site and help you create positive first impressions. But let’s see how you can build a color scheme for the crypto website:

When building a color scheme for your cryptocurrency website, start by choosing the primary color. You want it to be in alliance with your whole branding system. If you have a logo, choosing the primary color for your crypto web design will be much easier. Otherwise, think about what tone you want to set, and then choose the color accordingly.

After you pick the primary color for your cryptocurrency website, it is time to choose additional colors. The best practice is to implement complementary colors since this will allow you to highlight sections on your cryptocurrency website and provide better user experiences. But be careful not to include too many colors in your palette. To avoid clutter, our web design agency in Chicago advises against using more than three colors in your crypto website design:

  • A primary color
  • A secondary color
  • An accent color

Hiring graphic design services is the safest option. Besides choosing the right colors for your digital landscape, professionals will also find the perfect usage ratio for each.

Now let’s explore the subject of dark vs. light color palettes in crypto web design:

When to use a dark theme in your crypto web design?

Dark themes rose in popularity as many popular NFT websites started using them to promote visual content. Here are a few cases when opting for a dark-themed crypto web design might be a good idea:  

  • Your content mainly revolves around graphics, animations, photos, and videos.
  • Your target audience consists of young people who are likely to find dark themes more attractive or the audience that will value the professional and elegant look of your crypto website. That might find the target audience: professionalism and elegance, younger generations.
  • Your target audience will mainly use desktop devices for accessing your crypto website.

If done correctly, you can also achieve a futuristic look using a dark theme on your crypto website.

When to use a light theme in your crypto web design?

Now let’s check situations where going for a light-themed website design might prove beneficial for your crypto business:

  • Your content mainly consists of text since the light background, in combination with dark text, provides better readability.
  • Your target audience consists of older generations because light theme crypto sites are more accessible to people with visual impairments. Choosing a light theme will also help you build a more ‘familiar’ look for your crypto website.
  • People are more likely to access your crypto website through their mobile devices. 

If you are unsure whether the dark or light theme is the better option for your crypto website, the best solution is to design both versions and then provide visitors with the option to change between them. 

NFT web design for Minting Success

nft modern infographic


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provide a new opportunity for content creators to sell their images, videos, photos, art, music, and more. However, as NFTs have become a global trend, if you want to compete with popular platforms, you will need a tailor-made premium website for your business. Besides following the best practices we’ve already mentioned in this article, consider the following tips when building an NFT web design:

Custom Crypto Design for your Niche

By designing the NFT website specifically for your niche, you can generate more traffic and attract a wider audience of interested buyers. It will allow you to grow your business within an already passionate group of consumers. 

Write powerful CTAs

A powerful call to action is essential in NFT web design because it can help convert a visitor into a customer. A good call to action should be easy to understand and specific to the user’s interests and needs. Keep the following tips in mind when writing CTAs for your crypto website: 

  • Start with a strong command word – Your audience should always know what action you want them to take
  • Aim to evoke emotions – using words that evoke excitement can be a powerful way to increase conversion rates. 
  • Think about your Unique Value Proposition – when writing a call to action, consider what makes your crypto assets unique and how they can change potential customer’s life. 
  • Take advantage of FOMO – Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is sometimes a powerful mechanism that drives people’s actions. By including words such as “today,” “now,” “don’t miss,” and similar, you can get more conversions on your crypto website.
  • Conduct A/B tests – Write several versions for each CTA across your pages, then test their performance until you find the one most visitors click on.

 Here is the list of CTAs examples for an NFT marketplace: 

  • “Explore Collection Now”
  • “Explore Rare NFTs”
  • “Don’t Miss a Drop”
  • “Connect Wallet”
  • “Mint Now”

Provide detailed information about your NFTs

Detailed information about NFTs on your crypto website can help potential buyers assess the risks and rewards of buying an NFT. By writing NFT descriptions, you can also intrigue visitors and help them learn more about the author. That might prove beneficial since some people love collecting NFTs only from a single artist. Consider including the following information in your descriptions:

  • The history of an artwork
  • Artist’s biography
  • Previous owners

Also, categorizing your NFT collections with tags will help you provide easier navigation for your NFT marketplace’s visitors.

Get in touch

Building a premium crypto web design takes time and effort, and since it requires additional security measures – it is best handled by professionals with advanced coding knowledge.

If you are looking for expert web designers who can turn cryptocurrency website design ideas into dream design jobs for affordable prices, feel free to contact us and schedule a call with Alpha Efficiency. We will analyze your business and try to find the best crypto web design solution to help you remain relevant in the competitive blockchain industry in the upcoming years. So let’s get in touch today!


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