5 reasons to throw out the TV from your house

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I always seem to forget how television is popular. I ditched TV, cold turkey, 8 years ago. I never miss it in any way. It was one of the best decisions in my life. When I hang out with friends and they seem to talk about stuff that are going on there. I don’t watch news, I don’t watch reality shows either and yea, I don’t watch TV commercials!


I can’t seem to grasp the concept, call me tech geek, but I can’t consume information passively anymore, if I could ever. Era of old school media is living it’s last days and new era of self publishing is emerging. Many people asked me how will I know what’s going on in the world (and often I am clueless). So let’s look into the benefits of not having the television in your house:

Better communication in your house 

When your TV is off, you will find out new ways of communicating with your family members. There won’t be constant influx of negative energy coming from news channels and violence from action movies. Everything is calm when black box is off. By not staring at the black box, you will actually start to see that you have your family members or roommates in your house.

You will save money

How much money you’ve spent in last 1o years on television? Thousands of dollars are spent each year or new models, year after year! It’s economic turmoil and every penny counts! Beside money spent on the device itself, we are covering also the cost of cable networks. Cable networks are scoring the lowest percentage of customer satisfaction. And on top of it all, they are the ones always telling us what to do. Cut your cable bill and stick only to internet. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

You are going to be happier

You will feel way much better when you don’t listen to the bad news. You won’t be constantly exposed to television violence and media brainwashing. Don’t worry, you will survive without knowing what’s going on in Libya and Japan. Plus you won’t stress much. Less stress, means living longer. I saw my father actually stressing and worrying about nuclear meltdown crisis in Japan. That’s a lot of fear, but he would be way better of, without thinking about it at all. Yes it’s horrible that such shameful tragedy happened to Japan, but if you are concerned about your personal productivity and happiness, you will know what to do.

Rediscovering your forgotten passion 

That time gap will need to be fulfilled somehow and no better thing than doing the things you loved. Maybe it was painting, maybe it was cooking or arranging your garden. Thrust me, anything is better than passively lying in your couch watching stuff you don’t like. Don’t be one of those people aimlessly going trough channels. With all the free time at your disposal options are limitless.

You will think different

People who are watching television have similar thought patterns. They are serve same content over and over again, and they are getting imprints of advertising programming. If you think this is bullshit, than why are companies spending billions of dollars on advertising. Not only that we are being reprogrammed by ads themselves, the television content is “an advertisment” itself. This is by far the biggest advantage of not watching tv. You will create critical thinking easily. Lots of information we gather from television is taken for granted. It’s easy mass media manipulation, and the good news is, You can OPT OUT 🙂

Start the walk on the bright side of your brilliant mind. Live your life, shut TV down!


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