Evernote OS X Update Brings A New Feature

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.14.23 AM

Interesting new feature showed up in the latest Evernote update. We’ll call it seamless note switching. CMD + J keyboard shortcut helps you search quickly through your notes, and it replaces the previous “Notebook jumping”… [Read More]

Why Being Alpha Means Being a Creator

Simple Productive Workspace

Alpha Efficiency is taking a new direction to the topic of creation, and all the tips and tricks, although applicable to the knowledge workers at large, will focus on the content creators. The specific reason… [Read More]

Getting Started With Workflow App


Since its debut, I haven’t played enough with Workflow app. At its core level I understood the power behind it, but never had the inclination or discipline to plow through it. The part of the… [Read More]

Thoughts on the new iPad Pro 9.7″


I was anticipating a beast with 4 gigs of RAM, better pixel density on the screen, thinner and lighter device. Instead I’ve got the replica of iPad Air 2, with no sign of significant improvement.… [Read More]