Return To The Mac

After a long time spent focusing on iOS, I return to more OS X centered paradigm. I spend at least 7 hours every day on a Mac, and I’ve been a part of this iOS craze that is running rampant on the streets of the interwebs. This thought plagued me today, as I was going […]

Demise Of iCloud Collaboration And Return To Google Spreadsheets

Since I started working in a company where Google Apps is the standard, my stance on Google has changed. My main source of income is brought to me through my extensive knowledge of Google Adwords platform; furthermore my office uses Google Apps for all of our documents and correspondence. We use Gmail, Google Docs and […]

Witnessing The Rock Bottom Of Productivity Porn

Saw a post from Gabe migrating from Omnifocus to text files. I thought Omnifocus was a bit of an overkill perhaps productivity porn, but boy I was wrong! This article REDEFINES the boundaries of productivity porn. Just so you get the idea of the depth and the level this goes, take a peak at some […]

Review: Contemplating Scrivener And Why I Decided Not to Pursue It, For Now

Conflicting Thoughts On Scrivener Working in Scrivener at first feels like a huge hassle, as you have far too much settings. And at the end of the day, I am not sure that I need all these features. But on the other hand it is interesting and refreshing playing around with the new application. The […]

2013 In Review And New Year Resolution For 2014

The 2013 was a year of transition to a new continent. I am satisfied with how I’ve achieved my goals, but I feel as if I got a little bit slow, in comparison with what I expect from myself. Perhaps I am being too harsh, but at the end of the day, I am having […]

Compendium of Successful Communication Skills


Spent most of the day working with Darren on the new issue of Alpha Efficiency Magazine, and during all of this incredibly engaging experience I’ve noticed something really amazing. We were applying all the techniques mentioned in the magazine ourselves. The workflow was smooth, and I had a feeling like we were on top of […]

Evernote Tag Tips: In-Note Tagging By Adding The X

# symbol

Lets Rethink Evernote Tags Have you ever wondered what are the most common Evernote Tagging Tips, yet you never dared asking? After using Evernote for more than 3 years, I’ve encountered massive problems with tagging model. Currently in my database, I can find approximately 900 tags, and most of them have just a couple of […]

Effective teamwork: Lessons learnt from publishing Alpha Efficiency Magazine

Team Work

Lately we’ve been publishing a little less, with good reason. I’m very grateful that Darren finds the energy to jump in and help us keep the steady stream of content. We’ve been working hard to ship the first issue of Alpha Efficiency magazine, and we are very pleased to consider it a great success. What […]

Benefits Of Waking Up Early

Waking Up Early Seemed Impossible Never have I imagined myself waking up early. If it wasn’t for the jet lag, I don’t believe I would ever discover how amazing it is to wake up at 4 AM. And I did my usual thing, I went through email, answered Darren regarding some critical things regarding the […]

iWork Update and its impact on Productivity

The Novelty New design for iWork is quite appealing. Like the fact that they are moving ahead, giving color change, and on top of that updates to the Keynote and Numbers were quite due. Makes it compelling to start using the iWork all over again. The impact on productivity is further removing the barriers between […]