The Birth Of A Content Creator


   So what does it mean to be a “Content creator”? In the essence it means living and breathing like a digital publisher. Creating articles, photography, videos and podcasts, and being capable enough to publish them in such a way that people will be willing to pay for it. For me, it means being serious… [Read More]

Micro Publishing Businesses

Information business is quite amazing. Building relationships with readers, clients and prospects. Having revenue model based outside of your job is essential for the feel of certainty and security. This is why in the next period of time I will strive to obtain. Measuring my self expansion by the number of emails that I collect.… [Read More]

Minimalistic Nutrition: Eating Like An Alpha

Simplified diet is the best one. Eat like an Alpha. This simple plan is great for fat loss and muscle gain. Same meals, same time of the day, over and over again. Proteins Egg whites with 1–2 whole eggs for flavor (or, if organic, 2–5 whole eggs, including yolks) Chicken breast or thigh Beef (preferably… [Read More]

Ultimate Omnifocus Evernote Integration That Actually Works

Evernote Omnifocus File

Have you found an optimal task management solution that also handles your knowledge management library very well? Me neither. How Omnifocus Evernote Integration Made A Difference For past five years I’ve tried to find the “one app” to cover task management and knowledge management, however I’ve had plenty of failed attempts, more than I would… [Read More]

2 Ways Blinkist Pushed The Content Consumption Bar Beyond Expectations

iPad Blinkist App Screenshot

We’ve written before about Blinkist and how it transformed my consumption of books and ideas. But as I used it more I noticed two important elements preventing me from getting the maximum out of my reading experience: Inability to integrate knowledge from the app with my personal knowledge management platform Ability to listen to “Blinks”… [Read More]