Ultimate Omnifocus Evernote Integration That Actually Works

Evernote Omnifocus File

Have you found an optimal task management solution that also handles your knowledge management library very well? Me neither. How Omnifocus Evernote Integration Made A Difference For past five years I’ve tried to find the “one app” to cover task management and knowledge management, however I’ve had plenty of failed attempts, more than I would… [Read More]

2 Ways Blinkist Pushed The Content Consumption Bar Beyond Expectations

iPad Blinkist App Screenshot

We’ve written before about Blinkist and how it transformed my consumption of books and ideas. But as I used it more I noticed two important elements preventing me from getting the maximum out of my reading experience: Inability to integrate knowledge from the app with my personal knowledge management platform Ability to listen to “Blinks”… [Read More]

Review of Origami Case and how it stacks with iPhone 6+

Improve Your Iphone6 Writing Workflow 2

It Started When I Noticed That My Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Collects The Dust My Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard was laying around the house and collecting the dust without too much use on it. When I recieved it as a present, it was used as a part of my desktop docking station for my MacBook Air… [Read More]