2 Ways Blinkist Pushed The Content Consumption Bar Beyond Expectations

iPad Blinkist App Screenshot

We’ve written before about Blinkist and how it transformed my consumption of books and ideas. But as I used it more I noticed two important elements preventing me from getting the maximum out of my reading experience: Inability to integrate knowledge from the app with my personal knowledge management platform Ability to listen to “Blinks”… [Read More]

Review of Origami Case and how it stacks with iPhone 6+

Improve Your Iphone6 Writing Workflow 2

It Started When I Noticed That My Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Collects The Dust My Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard was laying around the house and collecting the dust without too much use on it. When I recieved it as a present, it was used as a part of my desktop docking station for my MacBook Air… [Read More]

Meet Top 10 Tools That Define Bojan’s Writing Workflow In 2015

Writing Workflow

Before I jump to the tools that define my writing workflow, I would like to tell you a story of how these tools got together, and how they create great digital publishing environment. This workflow will amaze you and make you more productive, whether you want to publish a book, write a blog post, or create… [Read More]