Builders vs. Hand-coding: Here’s what a web development company near Lake View says

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The internet revolutionized how we do things; you can now create your website without having necessary skills. It’s much easier than hand-coding,, but it has its limitations. hand-coding is more dynamic, and we recommend it for your web development in Lake View, IL. You gain more control over your website, for example, for hosting and adding features. Let’s look at web builders’ limitations and why you should opt for web development:

Limitations of web builders

You can’t export code

You have no clue what the code is like when you use a website builder. They do not allow users to change any of the CSS or HTML files. So, you have limited control over the HTML to text ratio. Also, some restrict the transfer of code to other platforms. It means that you won’t leave to the website builder company you select.

Low storage

Website builders assign storage depending on your subscription. But, paid options still have low storage. It’s okay if your website is simple and doesn’t need a lot of space. If not, you’ll end up having a clogged website, which affects organization and performance. A website builder is definitely not a good option for a growing business.

Few features

Many website features can help improve your business. But, website builders have a scalability limit. It means you won’t have the chance to improve your website the way you like. Builders have upgrade options to increase features, but it’s limited to what they have. It’s a disadvantage when creating more complex projects like in E-Commerce Website Development.

Limited templates

Templates are an advantage for website builders, but it’s also a limitation. They have in-built features that can help you display your business. The disadvantage is that you can’t change it well enough to fit your brand. Because many people use the same templates, your website won’t stand out in the market.


Why care about Web Development in Lake View, IL?

You will have full control

Being in control of your website is vital so you can change it to fit your;

  • Brand
  • Trends
  • Technology and industry changes

You have access to your website’s metadata and source code. It’s ideal for your web development in Lake View because you can add and remove what you want. So, it’s a flexible web creation process.

It has many editing options

Editing options are essential to change your website to fit user needs. Usability is vital in web design, and your website needs to be elegant. You can achieve it through the Sage WordPress Theme. A positive user experience from a responsive website will allow you to develop your business.

Easy code management and understanding

Hand-coding allows you access to what you develop. When you understand your code, you’ll understand its strengths and weaknesses. It gives you an excellent platform to continue developing your website. Also, if you decide to change your web development company, the transition is seamless.

High security

Security is essential for your website. Hand-coding gives you control over the security features which are evolving. You can put in place various measures to prevent hacking. Subscribe to Google Cloud Hosting to ensure reliability of your site. It’s a proactive tactic to ensure that your website is secure and always available. Security is vital to your brand because it guarantees customer confidence. It’s also a statement of credibility and authority in the market.

Final thoughts

The website builder vs. coding debate is a simple one because the latter has many limitations. Our web development company in Chicago recommends hand-coding. Builders are unsustainable because you won’t control the usability, features, and security. Our team will help you plan your web development near Lake View to create an elegant and dynamic website. Schedule a call with us today.