Why you should hire a web development company from Inverness to handle your website QA testing

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After completing your web development process, you need quality assurance (QA) testing. If you have developers on your team, they might not go far ahead and look into QA testing. Therefore, you will need a web development company near Inverness to handle the last part to ensure that your site is tested for defects, and here’s why.web development inverness

It is a boost to unit testing

Developers usually perform unit testing during development, but it is not enough to ensure the quality of your project. They are mostly done with the code at this stage, and they might not dedicate as much time and focus on ensuring that the project is of high quality. They might be critical of the functionalities set during planning. It is common to find developers who do not pay much attention to testing, hence, the need for website QA testing.

Website QA testing is different

Depending on the type of methodology used in the development of your project, testing can occur in various phases. QA testing is different from regular testing, and it is a determinant for the success of your web development process in Inverness. It is unique from what the regular developers do, and in fact, it can seem like a nuisance to them. However, nothing is too perfect or accurate, as there might be unseen bugs and defects. A web design Chicago team explains that even if they are not found the first time, they might still be present in the project.

It balances development and testing

You might have the best development team, but without a suitable testing protocol, the project might not be as good as it should be. It should be up to the industry and technological standards, and with QA testing, you can achieve a high-quality product. QA testing can either be;

  • Manual
  • Automated

Let’s take a look.

Manual QA testing

Individual QA analysts sit down and focus on your project to check its features and catch bugs. It is a hands-on approach for software validation without using any automation tools. Its efficiency depends on the level of skill of the QA analysts.

Automated QA testing

A script has custom instructions to execute certain commands to check for expected outcomes or target features. In this case, the QA analysts utilize scripts and automated tools for the process. They can create their own scripts to fit your project or come up with new ones depending on the scope of the work.

Final thoughts

As you perfect your web development process in Inverness, you surely need QA testing. It is critical to ensure that you can achieve a high-quality product. It is like a break away from the primary development process, which usually has testing. However, QA testing is different as it is a more specialized way to ensure the completeness and efficiency of your website. QA testing should not be a one-time process, and it should be continuous to ensure user requirements, quick-release turnaround, and fast feedback.

If you plan to outsource the whole process or just QA, then look no further than our web development company in Chicago. Schedule a call with us today, and we’ll help you make you solve website bugs and make it flawless.