A web development company near Golf explains why you should stay away from website builders

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Website builders are attractive because of their ease of use. You only need to drag and drop components, and your interface will be ready within no time. It is cheap and easy to access, but it is costly in the long run, as they will not tell you the problems you will experience. Issues include lack of community support and lousy SEO. As you start your web development process near Golf, you should hire a professional web design Chicago team rather than opt for website builders. Let’s look at why you should stay away from website builders.

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Poor customization

When you use a website builder, you do not have a wide range of options for customization. A website builder offers you a few designs and ways to present content on a website. You might not achieve everything you need from the project, and most of the templates are similar. You will not get a unique design, and your website will look the same as most out there. If you’re looking to stand out from your competitors, generic templates won’t give you that.

You do not achieve a good site experience

Designing a unique website requires time and effort. Website builders might tell you that web design skills are not needed, but it is all a facade. As you begin your web development journey in Golf, you should know that website builders are merely a shortcut. They do not give you all the best website design features, that for example, CSS and HTML offer. You miss out on a lot, including branded color palette and UX typography. You need a web development company to help you customize your website to create the best visual appeal.


It is arguably the biggest problem with website builders. You need a search engine-friendly website so you can get the best out of the platform. A professional SEO company in Chicago highlights the importance of a website that works well with search engines to boost visibility. Without it, you will lose out on a lot of traffic which could have given you a high monetary value. Instead, your competitors will benefit from getting higher rankings online and getting most of the traffic.

It does not give a professional look

Statistics reveal that about 97% of consumers now lookup services or products online before they decide to subscribe or buy. In the process, they also check how a website looks. A professional one will give them the confidence to browse through what they are looking for and trust your services. It would be best to opt for a web development company near Golf to help you create a professional site that will sit well with your customers. The first impression is critical to conversions, as consumers are quickly put off with poor designs, for example, if it looks amateur, confusing, or generic.

Final thoughts

Website builders may seem appealing, but you need to look at the bigger picture. You need a professional web development company to assist you in creating a good site with a unique design, search engine friendly, and high performance. Website builders can be a more straightforward option for you, but it comes with a cost. Going for a website builder is like shooting yourself on foot, as you will not get a good return on investment. You will not reach the customers you desire, and if you do, they might not be satisfied with what they get.
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