Builders vs. Hand-coding: Here’s what a web development company near Glencoe says

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Launching a website is easy for anyone who wants to do so through builders. A person can easily log on to builder platforms and start their website journey. An alternative is hand-coding, which one can do if they have the proficiency or contact a web development company. It is complex and requires professionals to do the work, and you have more options of customization; hence you can choose between various designs. With builders, the designs are limited, and they may look alike and are not unique because of creativity restrictions. Your search for a web development company in Glencoe should end with us. You can schedule a call with our web development agency in Chicago, and here are the essentials you need to know regarding builders and hand-coding.

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Some of the well-known builders include:

  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • WordPress

With builders, you find sticky elements with the drag and drop feature. You can customize a website quickly depending on the features available for use. Most builder platforms have top plugins that make your website stand out, and you can gain a good number of page views or web traffic.


Ease of use

A website builder is easy to use, and it is made simple for anyone who has basic computing skills. You do not need a coding background and any related knowledge. It is user-friendly and is suitable for a beginner.

Setting up

It is easy to set up, and it takes little time to develop. If you can quickly be familiar with the functionalities on the builder platform, then it won’t take you long.



A website builder has many limitations; it can prompt you to look for a web development company in Glencoe instead. With the few design options, you won’t be creative enough to achieve what you want.


Most of the websites created by builders look alike because of the limited options. Most functions, layout, and built-in templates are the same, and there will be minor variations, for example, in the colors and structure.


It is complex programming a website by manually typing in lines of code. The outcome of the design depends on the programmer’s proficiency and the coding language. If you are a beginner, you will need to learn or seek help from a web development company near Glencoe.



You can choose the options and design you want to go with. You gain a better creative edge, resulting in innovative and beautiful websites. The coder has control of what they want to achieve, and so do you.


It allows for implementing more security protocols to protect your website from cyber-attacks. However, it does not guarantee security but only minimizes risk.



It can take a lot of time before you can get your hands on your completed website. Also, studying coding takes time, and you will have to go through many trial and error instances before getting good at it.


Keeping the code clean is an uphill task. Even the slightest errors can render the code useless, leading to problems such as dysfunctional elements or poor page loading.

Final thoughts

When you hire a web development company near Glencoe, you are assured that the hand-coding process will handle a broader scope of processes, including design and security. You have the option to go for a website builder, but you will not get the flexibility and creativity that you need. It is a more straightforward option, especially for beginners or those who need their website built fast.