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Choosing a web design agency in Los Angeles to work with can be challenging, but it will definitely make your website more attractive once you make the right decision. If the traffic and conversions of your site are declining, it is time to enhance your web development, which comes alongside mobile app development and web design for your business in Santa Monica. Especially the last mentioned will directly influence how the audience will perceive your brand. 

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Web designers specialize in communicating your business values through visuals, which will determine if the customer decides to know more about your brand or to choose your competitor. Elements such as the type of font and color that will be used will significantly impact how the audience will perceive your business. Different color palettes are associated with different emotions, which is an excellent opportunity to express the meaning of your brand through your web design in Santa Monica. Not only should the right colors be included in web design but also on social media, as it is essential to maintain a coherent tone of communication. Make sure you have a consistent appearance to generate more credibility for users so they choose you over the competition.

Why is a good website essential for your company?

You are extremely tired and need coffee immediately. As a result, you go to the coffee shop with your laptop ready to recharge your energy and keep working. Espresso seems to be the best option, so you sit at the table and enjoy your coffee. Let us guess – you are probably thinking of Starbucks, with its iconic siren green logo! That is a great example of a well-positioned brand that communicates its values through its graphic design. Starbucks aims to transmit calm in an artistic and creative way using a color palette full of greens. This identity expands to different channels, including their social media and e-commerce website.

We shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, but in the business world, we actually do it! Think about web design as a cover letter to apply for a new job. It can look professional and trustworthy if you want to leave that impression. It can also look less serious but at the same time fun, informal and interesting. In any case, graphic design should adapt to those characteristics. It all depends on what you want to communicate with your web design in Santa Monica. To show credibility and transmit your brand values to potential clients, it is essential to have a recognizable, modern, and attractive brand identity. 

Do people recognize your brand just by looking at its logo? Does your brand have a unique and eye-catching image that no one can forget? It would be best if you worked on these features before diving into web development. The best case scenario would be to be the first brand that comes to a customer’s mind when they have a need that your business can cover. You should focus on having an attractive and updated design but also pay attention to the accessibility for users. That means you should keep your web design in Santa Monica intuitive and easy to use for everyone. For instance, not everyone can hear, so if you have videos uploaded, you should add subtitles so all the people can understand what the audio is saying. Never underestimate the importance of inclusiveness.

Is a custom WordPress site the best web design solution?

WordPress is definitely one of the most popular platforms among small and big businesses when it comes to web design. But what has WordPress that is positioned as the best in the field? Why do most people choose it? One of the reasons is that it has thousands and thousands of themes. There are two types of themes available to use: pre-made themes and custom themes. While the first seems to be the easiest and most effective option to implement, this might not be the most beneficial for your web performance. Let’s see the differences between pre-made and custom themes.

Pre-made themes might lead your page to low traffic, thus, fewer conversions and sales. Why is that? Because a website with a theme that has already been used uncountable times by other companies is definitely not going to stand out from the competition. Deemed to be forgotten by the users, a pre-made theme will not necessarily adjust to the needings of your website. That includes functions and assets that you might or might not require. 

On the other side, the benefits of custom themes on WordPress are numerous:

  • Original design. Your website will undoubtedly stand out since it will look unique and attractive to the target.
  • Multiple theme options. You can choose a custom theme among thousands of options and find the best match for your business. A web design agency in Santa Monica will help you boost your site.
  • SEO-friendly. WordPress maintenance is the key to enhancing the functioning of your website. That involves regular search engine optimization, clean code, and fast loading speeds that will boost your website and position it in better rankings. According to Google, an average PageSpeed score is between 50 and 89, and a good score is more than 90.

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Graphic design is more than visuals; it should also generate brand credibility and build a powerful and recognizable identity. The process of web development involves matching accessibility with graphic design to make the best of your website and increase traffic and conversions. 

If you decide that it is time to finally boost your website, a web design company in Santa Monica can help you achieve this goal. The team has experts with a vast experience in the web design business that will ensure you the best appearance for your business. Complement the visual elements with an optimized search engine and good core web vitals, and you will see the results directly reflected in the increase in traffic, conversions, and sales!