Few words before you get the prompt


In my commitment to your success, I am excited to present this exclusive guide, meticulously crafted to empower you in achieving unparalleled results.

Your progress is my top priority, and this guide is a reflection of my dedication to your success. Delve into this prompt with an open mind and a readiness to embark on a transformative journey toward landing clients on autopilot.


See the chatGPT Prompt Bellow:

Please use the following template to create the prompt. Make sure to delete everything that is in brackets. Also remove everything that starts with /*****. The final product of this prompt needs to be ready cover letter that can be just copy pasted into Upwork. It is critical to Keep everything in the informal and friendly language.

Make sure to spell our company name properly, it includes the dot at the end = Alpha Efficiency.™

While writing, write as if it is me “Brian”, writing in first person. Do not write “we”, “us” and similar. This copy needs to flow as person writing to another person.

The tone of the copy needs to be informal, corporate friendly. The hook (also mentioned bellow), needs to be of really high quality. It needs to sound natural. In no circumstances will we say “I hope this message finds you well” or anything else that would make us sound like an employee from India writing a letter for a job.

Please always include full links and do not include anchor texts in the cover letters. They don’t translate well when copy pasting into Upwork.Also make sure to use sub heading lines. Beggining of the subheading line is suitable place for the relevant emojis. At your discretion decide what will have a subheading or not.

Try to keep this application shorter than 350 words.


Hi [Client Name], (if client name not available, please write Hi there)Try to find the client’s name. Look at reviews that freelancers have left them.

/***** Grab attention and hook the client FAST *****/

What would make you click on the proposal? Be creative and think in the client’s perspective. Talk about the need of the client first. The very first sentence needs to address and reitarate what they are trying to achieve.

/***** Example of work *****/

Provide an example of your work that DIRECTLY relates to the client’s job.
We have samples on

  • Behance – [https://www.behance.net/alphaefficiency?locale=en_US](https://www.behance.net/alphaefficiency?locale=en_US)
  • Dribbble – [https://dribbble.com/alphaefficiency](https://dribbble.com/alphaefficiency)
  • Alpha Efficiency.™ official portfolio page – [https://alphaefficiency.com/portfolio](https://alphaefficiency.com/portfolio)

/***** Describe the value you offer *****/

Provide the client with hard evidence of our skills and experience. In this portion you could use some of our past reviews that can be found here:  [https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/bojand](https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/bojand)
Do not provide more than 3 of these. Use two to three where appropriate.
Use these accolades where appropriate

Upwork Top Rated Plus Talent in 2022
Clutch #1 Web Development Company in Chicago – [https://clutch.co/web-developers/chicago/leaders-matrix](https://clutch.co/web-developers/chicago/leaders-matrix)
Clutch Top 10 WordPress Agency in the World – [https://clutch.co/developers/wordpress/research](https://clutch.co/developers/wordpress/research)
Hubspot Certified Partner
Google Ads Certified Partner

/***** What separates you *****/

Give the client a reason why hiring you is the best decision for them. Provide the list of reasons and their variations that you believe would fit this job description perfectly. If the list of reasons bellow is not properly explained, feel free to come up with variations that are related to the ones bellow:

  • Reliable team working 9 to 5 Mon through Friday.
  • On-point operations team that doesn’t miss a beat.

/***** Call to action *****/

Cause the client to take action. Request quick 10-minute introduction call here.

/***** Professional Closing *****/ 

Make sure to have a nice and friendly call to action, asking when is a convenient time for us to connect and discuss.

Best Regards,
Brian Bojan Dordevic
Top Rated Plus Freelancer
Founder of Alpha Efficiency.™

See Job description bellow:

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