There are numerous myths and misconceptions about Third Party List Email Marketing, and this article will serve as a guideline to help you debunk them, and decide the best strategy for your business moving forward.

When you are purchasing email marketing lists you are going through a complex process of obtaining data of your customers and ways to reach them. However data brokers are people that are in it to make money, so most lists that they sell are not completely clean. From our experience big data vendors like Exact Data and Info Group have higher quality data. All those $199 email marketing lists are not worth it, and we do not provide service for those kinds of lists.

Why are you charging me when I can do this for free with MailChimp?

Because you can’t. Numerous clients try to haggle the price of email marketing based on this premise, and it is understandable. MailChimp and ConstantContact provide platforms for double opt-in permission system that allows great accuracy, a process that ensures that your lists are manually verified for permission by the users. These kinds of email marketing campaigns are extremely low risk for their servers. This is the reason why these platforms don’t allow your dirty third party lists damaging the reputation that they worked so hard to build.

If you believe you can handle your own lists by using these vendors and breaching their terms of service, go ahead, give it a try. Your third party lists won’t stand a chance of going pass 2000 emails on these platforms. Pass 2000 email list, you are becoming our client. 99% of list buyers do not posses technical know how to setup their own servers, and it takes away the time from running their own business. That’s where we come into play.

If you haven’t bought the list yet, you feel comfortable with these platforms, and you want to build your email marketing lists from scratch, we help with that too. Our Google Ads and Social Ads services can help you build double opt-in lists quickly, and get new customers into your pipeline.

Hey wait, but these guys offered me deployments for $500 !? Why can’t you do the same?

These deployments are off little to no value, and this holds especially true for larger lists. Single deployment won’t make a big difference in the outcome of your campaign, and you will need at least 4–6 runs in order to establish a relationship. Deployment vendors are using their own servers with their own email address as a part of the send out process. These servers are already warmed up, but they also could be flagged for spam, as they are sending large bulks of third party lists through them. No one is ensuring that you will bypass spam filters and land in your audiences inbox.

While you will get a delivery, your message will be polluted with some weird address in your “from” field inside of the email that customers receive. It won’t be your company name, and if your customers happen to respond to it, these messages will end up on their servers, and not in your own inbox, where you can take action.

Alpha Efficiency finds that these projects are simply not worth the budget that is spent on them. Email marketing doesn’t operate on quick schemes and tricks, it takes hard work, dedication and hardware resources to make your campaigns succeed. As a part of our service, we do exactly that, invest into your technical infrastructure needed to deploy your message to your audience ensuring you make sales and establish relationships.

How We Work

Setting up your campaign is a tedious process, and we are here to take the heavy lifting off your plate. Here is the outline of how our technical process works:

  1. We setup your domains and connect them to our delivery platforms.
  2. We run multiple servers on your behalf, to ensure deliverability.
  3. We use third party tools to clean up your list.
  4. We run a test deployment through a designated server where we find bad emails that sneaked in through our cleaning process
  5. We obtain your completely cleaned list
  6. We create multiple email marketing creatives for your campaigns
  7. We grade your content for deliverability and spam filters before hitting the send button
  8. We start running your drip and sequence campaigns to real people.
  9. We build the health of your IP Addresses, so you can bypass spam filters and ensure inbox delivery.

Setting up your domains

The reason why we need to get you new domains is quite simple, we need to ensure deliverability. The larger your campaign is, the more domains you will need. For small campaigns where there are 10 000 to 20 000 emails in a list, you can get away with 2–3 domain names. Once your email lists become bigger, you can start adding additional domains to the equation.

These domains are used to setup your from address, so that users can reply to you. Email is a conversational tool, and you owning your channel of 2 way communication is a critical piece of the puzzle. No matter who your customers are, you will want to be able to reply back to them. As a part of the process of setting up your domain names, we are also setting up email forwarding for your newly created addresses.

Setting Up Multiple Servers

In order to ensure deliverability, you need to understand that large email marketing platforms are trying to identify bad actors, and prevent them from delivering your message before it even reaches your audience. Microsoft, Google and Yahoo operate extremely large servers that share information between each other, and when they see large bulk email send outs, containing the same message across the board, they prevent these messages from even hitting the inbox. We create a decentralized approach to email delivery, that bypasses the first step of getting blocked by the servers, before even hitting the inbox.

Single domain name is getting its unique IP address as a way to build reputation with large platforms, so that we become a platform that sends out reputable emails to which your audience responds positively. As with everything online, the message you are sending out needs to respond well to your customer.

Using Third Party Services to Clean Up Your Lists

There are multiple paid tools we use to clean up the junk emails from third party lists. In this instance I will say that these vendors aren’t even that bad when they are selling you the list, it’s just the fact of life that people simply abandon their email addresses, change jobs or Yahoo shuts down their accounts after 6 months. This is all within the norm. Our experience deploying third party lists has taught us that consumer based lists perform a bit worse than lists with commercial recipients.

Hence, this is the reason why we use complex tool called Scrapebox, as well as Verifalia and other third party services to ensure that the first batches of emails are passing the stress test, and these emails ultimately help us build up a reputation with the large email providers like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. However, these services aren’t 100% spot on either, they have their own issues, and that leads us to the next step.

Test Deployment For Final Cleanup

Real world data beats any third party tool, hence we have a server through which we send emails in order to see what bounces and what gets delivered. We need to keep up bounce rate in low single digit percentage in order for your own server to obtain health needed for your emails to have a smooth ride to your audiences inbox. After it’s all said and done, your consumer lists gets churned by 50%, and your business lists get churned by 20–30%.

Providing You Your Double Cleaned Cleaned List

Only at this point you know with how many emails you’re actually dealing with, and what is your end result. With this list we will build your daily drip sequence.

Having a healthy list is the foundation of every good email marketing campaign, and nothing moves without it.

We Create Your Email Marketing Creatives

Marketing creatives get stale real quick, especially on fresh servers. Until your server is established, we create a dozen of different, yet similar creatives. This step is necessery, especially for larger lists.

Besides being a technical provider, we are also a marketing company, with a decade of experience in creating the message that entices the consumer to open the email, and click through to your website.

We grade your content for deliverability and spam filters before hitting the send button

But besides ensuring that your marketing is on-point, we are also ensuring that your emails do not contain trigger keywords that harm deliverability. We use Alpha Email Efficiency Scoring System to create a message that is inbox friendly.

We Deliver Your Drip and Sequence To Real People

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