How important are meta tags: An SEO agency from Tower Lakes explains

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Meta tags give more information regarding your webpage, and they are invisible during regular link access to the site. You can access them by opening up the HTML part of your website and should do it by right-clicking inside the page and clicking on the “view page source” option. They are essential for your SEO campaign as search engines use the information to learn more about your website. If you need an SEO agency near Tower Lakes to create meta tags for your website, look no further than our SEO company in Chicago. We are ready to help, and you can schedule a call with us today, and we’ll get you an appointment. Let’s look at the importance of meta tags.

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Impact of meta tags on SEO

Meta tags are critical for your SEO if chosen well. You need to choose them wisely, and you can do so by following this guide.

Meta content type

It helps describe the content of your page. Usually, it is helpful for character set declarations. Without the meta content type, there will most likely be a poorly rendered display of your page. There are many meta content type options to choose from, and an SEO agency in Tower Lakes should help you out with that.


It is almost impossible to go without the title meta tag. The title is a critical part of SEO, and you do not want to miss out on having a meta tag on the title. It should provide a unique description of the title, and you can have as many as you need depending on the number of pages you have.

Meta description

It is a popular way to provide additional information on your website, and it is displayed to visitors on search engine results. An SEO agency near Tower Lakes will tell you that it does not directly influence your site’s ranking. Descriptions are helpful, especially for new visitors who might not be conversant with your site. It should be short and clear, and it is usually set to about 160 characters to maximize visibility on search engine results. Users should instantly get a good overview of your website from the meta description, and it might give them an incentive for clicking on your links.


The viewport is important because users have different devices from which they access your website. Mobile traffic is at an all-time high, and you do not want to miss out on the significant number of visitors. There are standard tags that you can use, provided by the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool.

Meta Keywords

An experienced SEO agency in Tower Lakes will inform you that meta keywords are no longer useful for meta tags. Therefore, you should pay little or no attention to the meta keywords. Google surprisingly eliminated the impact of meta keywords, and it makes sense to follow along with the new guidelines. It was primarily because of the common habit of keyword stuffing, and it no longer impacts the ranking algorithm.

Final thoughts

If you follow the above guide, you are on the right track to set up your meta tags. They are essential to get an accurate description of your website, and they will help you achieve a good ranking on search engine results. Our Alpha Efficiency team suggests you should not forget to include descriptive tags, as they will help potential visitors to get a brief overview of what they should expect from your site. Most search engines no longer recognize the impact of meta keywords after Google scrapped it off the ranking factors.