An SEO agency in Skokie, IL explains the importance of word count for SEO

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SEO or search engine optimization is a practice that improves the ranking in search engines. It’s the most powerful marketing tactic for improving the quality of your website. Ranking higher in search engines gives you an excellent chance to reach a greater audience for your business. As an SEO company in Chicago, we can say that word count is one of the most important factors for good ranking. When the text is longer, there’s more chance to determine what it’s about. The longer the text, the more keyword phrases appear. But overstuffing your text with that keyphrase won’t change that much. It’s better to spread it throughout the whole text and let the keyword pop up here and there. Besides word count, the articles need to be an informative piece and high-quality written for the best SEO ranking in Skokie, IL

How to achieve your target word count

By overstuffing an article’s content with keywords and key phrases, you can reach the target word count, but you can lose readers, which is the opposite of what you want. What you can do is:

Use headings to break up the subject into subtopics

Headings within the text serve a few purposes. They show a hierarchy of the article, allow readers to scan the article, know what it’s about, and make it more pleasant to read.

Write tutorials

Thoroughly explain everything and provide details. You should put yourself in the reader’s situation and ask yourself whether you would understand the article. Use simple language, short sentences, and bullets. 

Is there a suggested word count that works best for SEO if you’re in Skokie, IL?

Yes, there is a number that is considered an average word count for different types of articles, and it can be used as a benchmark for your content. 

Blog post

For most websites, blog posts and articles, which make up most content, should have anywhere from 300 to 1000 words. However, according to copywriting experts in Chicago, long-form articles are popular nowadays, and their word count should be closer to 1500 words.

Educational content

This type of content should be more extended because, in order to educate someone on something they’re not familiar with, the article needs to have detailed instructions and explanations. To rank best for educational content, the average word count you should aim for is 2000. 

Product pages

A page should have attractive pictures followed by a description to present a product to customers. A length that highlights products features, benefits, and product description should have approximately 300 words – just enough to incorporate everything about the product and essential keywords.

News articles

News-based articles should ideally be between 500 and 800 words. This length is enough to include relevant details without going off-topic.

Landing pages

The ideal length for this type of article is also around 500 words. That’s enough to get to the point and provide readers with adequate information.

Not only can Google punish you for thin content, but it can affect your business, and you can end up losing readers. To determine the correct word count for your matter, you should first know what’s too short. Secondly, you should build the length as naturally as possible and not overstuff the article just to hit the target word count.

To conclude, Google does rank longer articles higher, but that doesn’t mean you should just add content for the sake of it. People don’t want to read long articles written poorly. For better SEO in Skokie, IL, quality and user-friendly articles still come first! Make sure you provide relevant and unique information linked to the article’s title.

A lot more affects SEO and word counts, like shareability, backlink analysis, and conversions, so feel free to schedule a call with us as we can help you work it all out!