An SEO agency near Riverwoods explains why you should develop a mobile-first strategy for your website

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A mobile-first approach prioritizes mobile users for your online business over other devices, such as a desktop. It is based on the phenomenon that mobile devices should be first in the development queue, while others follow. If you are looking for an SEO agency near Riverwoods to help you adopt a mobile-first approach, then we got you. Schedule a call with our SEO agency in Chicago, so we can plan and implement it together. These are the reasons why you should develop a mobile-first strategy.

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You will achieve responsiveness

A mobile-first approach does not mean that your website will not work on other devices. On the contrary, it is an advantage, as your website will also be accessible on other platforms such as tablets. A user won’t have a problem using your website from various devices, and it is a competitive advantage as you capture traffic from different sources.

You can manage information better

Your website won’t have many unnecessary elements if you decide to adopt a mobile-first approach. It is optimized to work best on a mobile device, and you can then focus more on generating good content for the users. Having more time to manage content will help boost your business, and it shows the need for you to hire an SEO agency around Riverwoods to assist your transition to a mobile-first approach.

It is part of search engine optimization (SEO)

A mobile-first approach contributes to SEO as it is one of its best practices. Google favors sites optimized for mobile, and your website stands a better chance to rank higher on search engine results. If you haven’t implemented a mobile-fast approach yet, you are losing out on a huge chunk of profit.

Your website will have fewer bugs

Our web development company in Chicago says that mobile-first approach means that your website will be running on less code. Responsive websites are not coded intensive, unlike those developed for desktops or other bigger devices. For example, when coding for a desktop, you will first need to develop a bigger screen, and then add the smaller ones later. There will be a lot of styling, which results in a complex code, increasing the probability of encountering many bugs.

The website gives users top experience

User experience is key to the success of your business, and you do not want to miss out on the numerous benefits. It makes it a wise business decision to hire an SEO agency near Riverwoods to help you transition to a mobile-first approach. When users get an exceptional experience, they are much more likely to be loyal to your brand, giving you good monetary value. Having a website that is not mobile-friendly makes it hard to use, and it creates huge bounce rates because there is a lot of dissatisfaction.


Mobile-first strategies are taking over desktop, and it is a massive step towards achieving highly optimized websites for access through any device. Statistics show that mobile user traffic beats every device by a wide margin, prompting the shift towards a mobile-first approach. A mobile-first design makes it possible to create highly interactive websites to utilize devices such as cameras and GPS, which may not be available on desktops. It can differentiate between struggling and successful businesses, reiterating the need to adapt your website to fit the changing market demands.