Six questions to ask your future SEO agency near Lake Forest

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It is easy to fall for SEO scams because of the many agencies available, especially online. You can easily find an SEO agency on social media or online directories, and you need to be careful because you can quickly lose your investment. You can easily spot a genuine SEO service near Lake Forest using these questions.

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How is your experience with SEO?

You should consider choosing a company with substantial experience in SEO as it is helpful to judge their reputation in the field. SEO is a dynamic process, as there are time changes, for example, to the Google algorithm, and agencies have to adjust accordingly to keep up with the alterations. Therefore, if a company survived in the market for a couple of years, they have good SEO know-how.

How do you define SEO?

It might seem like a fundamental question, but it should be among one of the first ones to ask. After researching SEO, you should pay attention to how a prospective agency defines the phenomenon. You can decide to cancel the agreement if they do not have a clear explanation or provide a wrong meaning. Therefore, even the simplest questions can put off a scammer.

How do you work to improve rankings?

Your search for a good SEO agency like Alpha Efficiency should consider the techniques they utilize to improve rankings. Transparency is essential in the process, as you would not want an agency performing black hat methods on your site. Be keen to ensure that they can give you an overview of how they can first alter your website, for example, by eliminating duplicate content or broken links. They should form part of the first steps before they can apply the SEO techniques to boost rankings.

How do you implement backlinks?

Backlinks are like referrals to your website from others, and it is one of the most important SEO practices, even though it is not the most spoken about. It aids your page rank as is like an online vote that boosts your site’s reputation. However, it is vital to have a quality backlink analysis that will help you do the professional backlinking rather than filling your site with useless ones.

What is your communication strategy?

As you browse for a good SEO agency around Lake Forest should consider the communication plan, as you need to monitor the progress. You own the website, and you need to be aware of any changes, as you do not want an agency to implement what you do not need or use malicious techniques. It is also useful for future reference, as you need to have an overview of what the website looks like after the optimization process.

What metrics do you follow?

Metrics are key performance indicators, and if an agency does not track any, they are a scam. Possible metrics can include conversions, traffic, and rankings. Rankings keep track of your target keywords and how they perform on search engine results. Traffic represents the number of times users click on your website, and it can result in conversions where they purchase your products or services.


SEO companies are not perfect, and they might have made mistakes in the past, but they should provide you with a clear explanation of what they plan to do and the tracking methods. You should have a chance to monitor the progress and approve specific issues.
Our SEO company in Chicago will guarantee a trustworthy and quality service. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, so that we can set a good strategy for your website, and you can end your search for an SEO agency in Lake Forest.