How to optimize product images for your eCommerce website: An SEO agency from Golf explains

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Images are a critical part of your SEO campaign, as they have a vast potential to attract a substantial amount of traffic when implemented correctly. It is essential to capture the customers’ interests as they browse through your eCommerce website. There are different strategies that an SEO agency near Golf can use to maximize the impact of images on a webpage. Here are ways in which you can optimize product images for your eCommerce website.

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Choose sizes correctly

Depending on the platform you are using, image size files will vary. Such platforms include;

  • Wix
  • Magento
  • Bigcommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify

For example, on Shopify, the appropriate image size is 4472*4472 pixels.

Compress image files

You do not want to upload large file sizes as they will only clog up your website as they take time to load. A good SEO agency from Golf will take you through the compression tools you can use. They are usually open-source, and you can access them for free online.

Name images appropriately

Naming is significant to maintain order on your site. If you use conventional photo editing software, chances are the picture names are coded with numbers in order. You should strive to make the names consistent with your SEO plan so that they can appear among search engine results, for example, with complete keyword phrases.

Use ‘alt tags’

Alt tags are useful to provide image descriptions without unnecessary keyword stuffing. It is essential to describe your images appropriately as part of the SEO strategy, and it gives you an excellent chance to rank higher. Search engines prioritize sites with image alt tags over those that do not have them.

Utilize image sitemaps

A sitemap is like a literal map, as it describes the relationships between all your website’s elements, for example, videos and images. Search engine crawlers can perform their tasks better with the presence of a sitemap. If some of your site’s elements are difficult to access, you definitely need a sitemap. Images should be part of the sitemap, and you will need an experienced SEO agency from Golf to do the job for you.

Optimize product thumbnails

Product thumbnails are like image descriptions. It is what visitors see as they browse through your site. You do not want to have tiny thumbnails that offer no incentive for users to click on your products in your eCommerce store.

Test your product images

Before launching your product images, you need to do A/B testing. It will allow you to have a good overview of how the images look and how they affect your site. It involves comparing your site with others in the market, and you can judge its performance and make relevant changes based on what you discover. 

Embed on a white background

Usually, the recommended background is either white or transparent. An experienced web design agency in Chicago suggest a white background is the best, bringing out better quality images.

Final thoughts

Optimizing your images for the search engines is good to enhance user experience. The above guide gives you a good overview of what you should be looking at for optimizing product images in your eCommerce store. You may need an SEO agency near Golf to handle the processes if you do not have the proficiency to take care of everything yourself, and if so – don’t hesitate to schedule a call with us today. Our SEO company Chicago is here to help you optimize product images for your eCommerce website.