5 questions to ask your future SEO agency near Dunning, IL

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Hiring an SEO agency may seem like gambling at times. There are so many empty promises out there, and it can be challenging to tell apart an agency that will bring you results from the one that will waste your money—especially considering that when it comes to SEO, mistakes can be costly. So you have to be prepared. You must know which question to ask an agency before sealing the deal. In this article, our SEO agency in Chicago lays out the five essential questions you should ask your future SEO agency near Dunning, IL.

How long have you been doing this?

Things can change quickly and significantly from one Google update to the other. So, Looking at the bigger picture and taking a long-term approach is necessary for measurable results in the long run. Therefore, hiring an agency with at least a couple of years of experience with local SEO packages makes sense. If they have successfully adapted to changes in the past, they are more likely to do so in the future instead of using short-term techniques that might not be useful for long.

What kind of strategy are you planning to use?

SEO is not one-size-fits-all, so an agency should have a well-developed, holistic SEO strategy that they can adapt to any new customer. Especially if it’s a B2B SEO strategy, pay attention to how they respond to this question. You have to ensure they have a coherent strategy beforehand instead of just making one on the go. A reliable agency would tell you that they would start by doing an audit of your website. After that, they should follow by laying out the target keywords within your niche. These things should be done before they get down to the campaign itself.

How long will it take to see the results?

Don’t trust an agency that promises quick results. Speed is not an option when it comes to SEO. It can either be done quickly or it can be done right. Keep in mind that 95% of new websites don’t make it into the top 10 within the first year. Your website has to be cleaned from spammy backlinks and redundant content first before building an SEO foundation. There are many things that the agency should do if they are to approach the matter thoroughly, and it all takes time.

What kind of metrics do you track?

In order to track your progress, it is essential to measure the things you can control. Without it, you cannot know if an increase in traffic is due to controllable efforts or simply an increase in overall traffic in your niche. So you should expect your SEO agency near Dunning, IL, to keep track of the following:


  • Keyword rankings – You should track what target keywords are moving up and down within rankings.
  • Traffic – You should also keep track of your search traffic within a certain period (a month or a year)
  • Conversions – Your profit lies in conversions. That’s why you must keep track of them.

Can you guarantee a no. 1 ranking?

If an SEO agency guarantees they can get your website to a no. 1 ranking, you simply know that they’re not telling the truth. Why so? Because Google’s algorithm is kept strictly confidential, nobody knows precisely how it works. In addition to that, it constantly changes, even on a daily basis. Therefore, nobody can ever say with complete certainty that a website will rank no.1. Any attempt of SEO spam (which some unreliable agencies may try to pull) necessarily leads to dire consequences.

Final thoughts

Finding an SEO agency near Dunning, IL, is not something that should be rushed. SEO is a vital aspect of your online success, and both you and your SEO agency should strive for the same goal – to increase your online traffic and, further on, increase your revenue. That’s why you should entrust such a job to an experienced and reliable agency that won’t give false promises and use suspicious methods. These five questions can help you better understand where an agency stands. So if you are looking for a professional agency with extensive experience in the field, look no further but schedule a call with our agency.