A PPC company from Tower Lakes lists 5 practices to improve your lead quality

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After investing in your PPC campaign in Tower lakes, you might not be content with the number of leads you are generating. Your number of leads and conversions are significant, and a deeper analysis of the results can reveal that most of them are actually useless. They do not give you the level of returns and value that you desire. You need to do away with the junk leads by following these practices.

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Have a good URL tracking framework

Conversions are not the only elements in your PPC campaign to monitor. You need an all-rounded strategy that will give you access to a wide variety of metrics. It is possible through URL tracking, and it gives you access to ValueTrack parameters and UTM parameters. Some of the elements that you will monitor include;

  • Keyword match-type
  • User devices
  • Type of campaign
  • Keywords
  • Medium
  • Traffic source

You can easily access these parameters on your ads platforms from the ‘URL options’ section. It gives you more control over your PPC campaign, and you can alter the parameters to fit your strategy.

Use specific keywords

Usually, before beginning your PPC campaign, you have keywords you want to utilize. For more sustained success, you should target specific keywords. They are essential to determine how you will implement your landing page, the ad copies you will use, and your position in the market. The specificity of your keywords is essential to limit poor leads in your campaign. At our PPC company in Chicago, we ensure that your keywords are quality to get the high value. Schedule a call with us today, and we can get your PPC campaign running.

Analyze your opportunities

When monitoring your metrics, you should note the most significant ones. You can develop a database to store your marketing data. You can also use your landing page as a marker by noting them on hidden fields. When you know where your leads are coming from, you can prioritize the opportunity to gain more value and discard or ignore the low-level sources. Monitoring your leads is essential, and you can create a database with various variables, including;

  • Devices
  • Keywords
  • campaign names
  • Sources
  • Number of opportunities
  • Lead score
  • Lead status
  • Companies
  • Emails 
  • Names

Utilize qualifying copies

Factors such as CTAs, headlines, and ad copies will attract customers to purchase your products or services. However, quality should be the focus. Qualifying your ad copies means limiting some users from accessing your campaign. You should adopt a good tactic when writing a Google Ads copy, as some users are still potential for future sales. For example, if you are looking for customers to subscribe to a wide variety of your services, you can avoid limiting yourself to advertising a single service.

Have segmented ad campaigns

You might have different services or products that you want to feature differently in your PPC campaign in Tower Lakes. You don’t need to use a single campaign, and you can have various categories, and it will help attract traffic from different sources.

Final thoughts

When looking for leads, quality matters over quantity. Not everyone is interested in your business, and you need to deal with the probability of poor leads. When you implement the above tips, you can create a more targeted campaign and gain more valuable leads. Your PPC campaign in Tower Lakes should no longer be a problem and you will gain a good return on investment. Give it a shot today.