A PPC company from Kenilworth explains the importance of negative keywords for your campaign

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It is a common mistake to only use keywords in a digital marketing strategy without adding negative keywords. The negative keywords are those that should not trigger your ad. Therefore, your ad would not be part of the results if a user searches them. They are critical to preventing bad leads and window shoppers, hence the need for optimizing your PPC campaign. With that in mind, a PPC company from Kenilworth describes the importance of utilizing negative keywords.ppc kenilworth

It boosts your site’s conversion rate

Negative keywords redirect poor quality traffic from your ads, as they will not appear among relevant searches. Your ad campaign benefits, as you can target quality traffic, which increases the chance for high conversion. For example, negative keywords can be words almost spelled the same as your main ones but have different meanings. If your ad appears among such searches, it will waste your budget, as the target market will be irrelevant. As you start your PPC campaign in Kenilworth, include negative keywords to enjoy high conversion rates.

It limits the cost of conversion

Directing high-quality traffic should be the focus of your PPC campaign, and with negative keywords, your budget will be way less. There will be a balanced ratio between clicks and conversion rates. It optimizes your budget, and you will find out that you will be using less money while still getting conversions. It is because it makes your ad targeted to suit your services or products. Therefore, it serves as a budget management strategy, and you can divert your balances elsewhere in the business or increase the length of the campaign.

Your website gets a high click-through rate

Search queries define your PPC campaign, and you do not want your ads appearing for irrelevant searches. For example, if you are running a campaign for phone repair, a negative keyword can be phone ‘ringtone.’ It is irrelevant to your services, and you can include it among your PPC negative keyword list. It ensures that your campaign gets high-quality traffic, good for your click-through rate. It is critical for promoting your brand, even though you might not be getting immediate conversions.

The types of negative keywords

There are three categories;

  • Broad match
  • Phrase match
  • Exact match

Broad match – negative keywords are helpful to exclude all the words and phrases you include on your list. However, you should be careful not to over-limit, as it can exclude sections of your target market.

Phrase match – creates long-tail phrases from the negative keywords you choose. For example, if one of your negative keyword phrases is a web design, the phrase match will exclude phrases such as ‘web design near me’ or ‘advantages of web design.’ 

Exact match – does not create any variation of the negative keywords you choose and stays within your limit. If your negative keyword is ‘summer,’ it will only exclude the word chosen.

Final thoughts

Managing your PPC budget is critical for success, as you do not need to direct irrelevant traffic to your site, as it will only exhaust your investment while you get low click-through rates and conversions. As you set up your PPC campaign in Kenilworth, make sure to use negative keywords to optimize the results, and it will save your budget and give a good return on investment for your business. Adding negative keywords is straightforward, and it has a section on Google Ads, and you can easily find it in any other tool you are using.

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