3 outdated PPC practices every business owner from Inverness should know about

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PPC is constantly evolving with the unpredictable introduction of new algorithms and the alteration of existing ones. It has a significant influence on digital marketing strategies. However, new practices are improvements to old ones that get outdated. As you look for a PPC company in Inverness, you need to consider the practices they implement. Let’s take a look at the outdated PPC practices you should know about.

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Single keyword ad group

The Google variant algorithm changed the game by altering the behavior of keyword plurals, typos, and spelling errors. They no longer impact PPC, as it is more focused on close variants. It also affects articles, conjunctions, and prepositions as the algorithm ignores function words. When establishing your PPC campaign, there is no need for you to focus on word order. Google now hierarchies how users search for content online rather than how you structure your PPC campaign. Their campaigns won’t be as effective for bidders prioritizing match types as they desire. It is even more expensive, making it unworthy, and it only ends up blowing the PPC budget with little impact.

Avoid keyword variations

Bing Ads and Google Adwords made it possible for advertisers to bid on keyword variations. For example, if you were keen on gaining the lead for a horse trainer, you could use keyword variants, including;

  • Horse trainer
  • Horse training
  • Trainer for my horse
  • Train my horse

You could add as many keyword variations as you like. However, it is now different as you no longer need to include match types in your PPC campaign. You should have strategic objectives to achieve a good efficiency level. Pair that with a web design agency in Chicago to design your landing pages, and you’re bound to achieve a good return on investment, and that’s what matters.

Manual bidding

It is advantageous as it gives you better control of your PPC campaign. However, you’ll end up spending more time on manual bidding, yet the return on investment is not at a desirable level. It won’t be profitable, and you should instead opt for other Google Ads bidding strategies, such as keyword champions and automatic bidding. Keyword champions are an alternative to variants, as one covers everything. Its advantages include;

  • Higher conversions: most of your leads will lead to more conversions, and you can maximize the budget in your PPC campaign in Inverness.
  • It saves time: some PPC strategies can waste a lot of your time, and with keyword champions, you do not need to include variants.
  • It is economical: having a few keyword variations will save your money, and you will be spending on valuable ones for your campaign.
  • Invasion of privacy: a common but mischievous practice among marketers is following up on website visitors who do not convert. They can do so through first-party cookies, and they can send them the same ads as before. However, it is an inconvenience to users as they get unwanted ads, for example, in their emails. It is detrimental to your brand, and you should beware of privacy concerns by protecting user information.

Final thoughts

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and you need to keep up. Hiring a PPC company from Inverness can solve most of your challenges, but you need to ensure that they use relevant PPC practices. This guide gives an overview of the PPC tactics you should watch out for and avoid because of their ineffectiveness, and they will only hurt your budget. At our PPC company in Chicago, you are assured that we’ll use the latest and most effective practices. You should schedule a call with us today, and we’ll set up everything for you.