The ultimate checklist for finding a reliable PPC agency near Evanston, IL

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Selecting the right PPC agency is not a straightforward process. You have to consider different factors because not every agency will fit your needs. Finding the right partner to get the best PPC results in Evanston is vital. You’ll take care of your investment and develop a long-term plan.

We prepared a checklist for you to follow and select the best agency even if you aren’t a PPC expert.

Checklist for finding a reliable PPC agency

The first step in assessing a PPC agency is checking its services. It will help you confirm whether it fits with what you need. For example, you might need extra services like copywriting or web design. An agency can also have other services relating to digital marketing. It might not be something you are looking to put in place immediately. But, it will save you time in the future when you need them—for example, web design or SEO.

Ad partnerships

A good PPC agency should have ad partnerships. Examples are;

  • Facebook partnership
  • Microsoft partnership
  • Google partnership

The three are the top ones in the market which provide the most value to your marketing strategy. You gain more by working with a PPC agency with the top ad partnerships. It gives you a guarantee of results and better support. Certified agencies with partnerships signal that they are pros. They maintain a high-performance level to keep their badges; you benefit from the partnership status as they aim to deliver top results.


Select a PPC agency near you. Working with a company that is far away might not be a deal-breaker for you. But, consider that a PPC agency near you is advantageous because you can have in-person meetings. Digital communication also works well with the right plan. So, location should not hinder you from choosing a better agency that is a bit far.

PPC goals

One of the first issues when consulting with a PPC agency is whether they care about your goals. Some of the aspects they should want to know are;

  • Brand awareness
  • First-page presence
  • Impressions
  • Clicks

Having your goals in mind shows that a PPC agency wants to help your business grow. They should prioritize getting the best out of your PPC campaign in Evanston. You can agree on the PPC strategy you want to use to achieve your goals.


A PPC agency should disclose its strategies and methods before you start working. It will help you assess the partnership to ensure you are paying for a valuable service. Transparency requires open communication to describe;

  • How the agency works
  • Rates 
  • Methods

The agency you choose should be transparent about the progress of your PPC campaigns. You should be able to access the metrics and discuss the status of the marketing plan. Inquire about the budget to see how much you want to spend. Payments should be upfront to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Industry expertise

Choose a PPC agency that is familiar with your industry. PPC expertise is not enough to have an efficient marketing plan. Detailed information about the industry makes it easier for a PPC agency to develop a custom plan for your business. It is an advantage because such an agency knows how the industry works and the audience’s characteristics.

Final thoughts

A PPC campaign is only one part of your marketing plan. Our PPC agency in Chicago understands the importance of looking at the bigger picture. There is much more to digital marketing than ad spending and keywords. If you are looking for PPC in Evanston, schedule a call with us today so we can create a suitable plan for your business.