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Wordpress Front End Developers

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If you...

  • Have more than 3 years of experience
  • Have proven track record of successfully turning PSDs into WordPress templates, editing WP themes & flawlessly optimizing WP for mobile experience
  • Can carry an entire project from beginning to the end on your own while keeping track of the details
  • Speak GREAT English and have amazing communication skills
  • Really care about the quality and efficiency of your work
  • Have common sense to apply business logic to Projects
  • Have knowledge of JavaScript, Basic PHP and jQuery / AJAX

You get...

  • Competitive salary and performance bonuses upon successful project completion
  • To Build and optimize a variety of WordPress sites
  • To Work among the marketing & development team that is determined to win
  • To Solve problems in time efficient manner, even if it means breaking the usual coding rules and taxonomies
  • To work in conveniently located Belgrade downtown office


We’re in business since 2010, and we’ve been delivering profitable projects to our clients ever since. We specialize in Web development and online marketing.

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We make our clients lives easier and less stressful. Our service based business is all about customer satisfaction.

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We are committed to ensuring that all personnel is respected, included, and valued for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills and contributions.