Thank you for taking interest in my comment, and clicking the link to find out more about the person commenting. My name is Bojan, and I am the guy running this website.

Chances are you stumbled upon this page, by reading a comment that I’ve left perhaps on your website or on a website that you are truly passionate about. Well dear comment reader or blog owner, I wish you a very warm welcome to Alpha Efficiency. I’ve started this blog as a way to help people increase their personal, and workplace efficiency in technology enhanced world.

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Welcome mat

Here you will find a lot of tools that will help you get your work done. Also as I am a digital self publisher, you will find a lot of useful apps and services that are helping me get ahead in the virtual playground. Chances are, if you are a website owner, that you will find a lot of Alpha Efficiency practices more than suitable to implement in your own workflow.

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