Third party lists provided for email deployments follow different rules than double opt-in lists that you can deploy through MailChimp, Constant Contact and Aweber. Email content needs to follow algorithm quality guidelines at a way higher level than when you are sending them through established servers. The reason why these platforms deny delivery of your emails, is because their businesses depend on the quality of the email lists their servers deliver.

When we deploy your emails, we build you fresh servers that don’t have established reputation. This requires your email content to be top notch. This is the reason why we’ve created “Alpha Email Efficiency Scoring System”.

Through this experience we’ve faced some false expectation on what kind of content we can deliver inside of your email marketing campaigns, as customers were comparing them with double opt-in platforms, that in general have safer and more reliable delivery, than fresh new servers that were setup specifically built for your campaigns. However these platforms in general do not allow advertisers to use purchased lists, unlike our platform.

After some issues that came up with some of the content that our clients wanted to deploy, we worked on perfecting our email content grading system by automating information gathering from major spam filter reporting services into our own database, and giving these numerous data points a scoring system: “Alpha Email Efficiency Score”.

How do we determine Alpha Email Score and what does it mean for your campaigns?

Our score ranges from zero to 10, and we’ve identified trigger keywords that are recognized by major spam filter algorithms as potentially carrying the spam messages. Spam filters are constantly evolving with spammers and manual reports that people conduct through their own email clients. All this spam reporting data goes: to automated algorithm that collects all these messages, as well as to platforms that manually flag content for spam even when it doesn’t contain the keywords that are raising awareness.

The algorithm part is the first step of spam prevention, but if for any reason your content gets flagged, it is much harder to get in your audience’s inbox.

Our goal is to prevent your campaigns from being filtered out. The main reason for this is our focus on keeping your servers healthy, and your campaigns inside of the inboxes of your lists. This is the reason why our developers worked hard on building custom tool that creates Alpha Email Efficiency Scoring System, in order to help your service runs smoothly and without costly interruptions.

Having quality email content will prevent filtering of your campaigns, thus increasing overall efficiency of your email marketing. It will help us avoid decreased email deliveries, or delays caused by servers and domains being shut down by hosting providers.

How Alpha Email Scoring Method Works?

We made this process pretty straightforward: You send us the content, we scan it, and send you back the result.

In the results we give you the keywords that score positive towards a spam score, and what is their quantitative sum. If this sum goes above 5, majority of spam filters will react towards your message even without users input. Safe bet is to keep your Alpha Email Efficiency score bellow 4.

From our experience writing content and creatives, we know that it is fairly reasonable to keep this score even bellow “one”, by carefully choosing the words. This way you can remain on point, yet you won’t dramatically change the communication.

When you get your results you will see all the keywords that are contributing to the sum, and you will be able to edit them and change them with appropriate synonyms.

Due to certain issues some content types started causing we’ve decided not to deliver any content with Alpha Email Efficiency score higher than 5, in order to prevent harming our servers, but our general suggestion is to keep it even lower.

Alpha Efficiency owns licenses of Spam Sieve, eScan Internet Security Suite, Avast Internet Security, Clean Mail Home and Spam Bully. We send your email through your server to our test emails that own these premium spam filters attached on them, and our programs extract the results. Results are than compiled into our rating system that gives you instantaneous results.

Quality Score Is Not A Guarantee of Delivery

Most things in email marketing rely on manual reporting from aggrieved and parties that feel abused, recipients of the list. The combination of your score and perception of the users is critical in the process of keeping email campaigns afloat.

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