Yearly plan for 2013 – Fasten your seat belts, we’re taking off!

As I’ve previously mentioned in my yearly review of 2012, I am publishing a yearly plan of 2013.

In the spirit of Serbian New Year, I am announcing the yearly plan for 2013 for me personally and for Alpha Efficiency as a blog. So without further ado, here it is:

1. Personal

My biggest goal set for 2013 is to arrive in the USA. Results in all other departments of my life are related to how well I handle the transition to another continent. It takes a little bit of luck, but besides that, I must strive not to fall off track with my habits.

Whenever you have a massive change in your life, your usual routines suffer greatly. Keeping track of them is hard in stressful environments. And moving from a comfortable life in Serbia to a whole new continent can tend to be shocking, right? 🙂

2. Habits

Back in 2011, I’ve acquired 6 habits for 6 months, as a part of my new year resolution. Then I had a misfortune of my flat getting caught with fire, which threw me out of balance and out of my house for whole three months. My habits collapsed, my lifestyle dramatically changed, along with the goals that I’ve set for that period.

After I’ve come back home in September 2011, there were still ongoing works on my flat, and it took time till Mid-late October. After that, I’ve started rebuilding my habits, and started adjusting to the thought that I have a day of time to blend in all those short tasks. As the year went I’ve accumulated these habits:

  1. Daily working out
  2. Early rising for work (around 8 AM)
  3. Morning ritual that contains warm up and stretches and is 5 minutes long. (gives me a lot of energy, as it pumps up my bloodstream, and I don’t need coffee then).
  4. Stopped Smoking
  5. Devote 10 – 20 minutes daily for focused reading.
  6. Writing daily

These habits are in complete alignment with my life goals. Often I read my goals in the form of Source Code, in order to maintain daily levels of motivation. This is the number 1 factor that helped me reduce the friction, and keep me focused on my course and journey.

The daily writing was focused at the start, and I was pushing myself to write anywhere near 750 to 1000 words a day. On some day I would write mostly garbage, but that would get fixed over time.

New habits that I want to create in 2013

  1. Blogging workflow habits – Researching, writing, publishing
  2. 365 Photos
  3. 365 Videos
  4. Reading

If I retain the habits that I’ve worked on so far, bundled up with a couple of new ones mentioned here, I will consider this a successful new year.

3. Goals for Alpha Efficiency

These goals are measured in numbers and reflect only the results of the work that I produce. Here are some numbers that I’ve been setting myself up as a goal.

  1. Attract 2000 Facebook subscribers to Alpha Efficiency fan page
  2. Attract 2000 Email Subscribers
  3. Attract 20000 Twitter followers
  4. 2000$ monthly passive income by the end of the year

At this point in time, these goals seem hardly obtainable, considering the massive changes that I am undergoing in my life, but I am working on it as hard as I can. This blog is supposed to transform the lives of my readers, as well as my own life.

This will require constant change in tactics and creation of blogging processes, that will increase engagement, drive traffic, and create an even more powerful community of goal achievers that follow the same vision.

Write another book. It’s going to be about the iPhone and how to use it for maximum efficiency in business.

4. New features of Alpha Efficiency

1. Alpha Efficiency Notes

A new blog, which is not a blog. It is hosted on Tumblr and will be frequently updated with my writings, scribblings, paper notes photos, and ideas, as they happen. You can consider it as Alpha Efficiency 2.0 Beta.

Even before I start writing something on other locations, it’s going to end up here. And you can be among the first ones to read it.

So when are they going to be launched?

The beauty of notes is that they are already live. I’ve been writing there and experimenting for a past couple of days, or almost a week. And I am very pleased with the results. You can read more about it here.

So how should I read the notes?

You will be able to read notes in Tumblr, but I will also keep them updated via RSS feed, with the little help of Feedburner. If you are following our Twitter account, everything that gets published on Notes will end up on Twitter as well.

2. Mailing list auto-responder

This little golden nugget is a work in progress, but the people who join the mailing list after February the first, will be the part of this awesome auto-responder series, that will cover the best and I mean the best content of Alpha Efficiency, delivered to your mail inbox, in a timely manner.

The schedule of the messages will guide you step by step, teaching you and following up with you on how to increase your personal productivity. Not only will it give you tasks and specific “how-tos”, it will also remind you about your tasks in a timely manner, so we ensure that you’ve followed up with your progress and change!

If you want to join, you can just fill in the form to your right.

3. Slightly adjusting the sails of the website

Diversification is an important part of any business, and this time around I am going to adjust the sails. Having articles on online business, blogging, and marketing, with a slight twist on efficiency won’t hurt my overall blog, but it might add an influx of readership, that is not specifically interested in productivity.

Lots of things going on…

Apart from these major life changes, I am afraid to do any more planning. Retaining my habits and working on the current goals will be quite enough for the time being. I believe I can’t spread myself thinner than I already did.

Therefore, I’ll read this article again by the end of the year, and I’ll see how much I’ve accomplished. I have a funny feeling that I will beat my plans and much more than I’ve planned when I settle down. See you, state-side folks!