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Writers Artificial Reality

Writing for audience makes us write as if we are better than we really are. Thus all of the reading is pulling us into a fictional world. It Doesn’t reflect raw reality. It’s not the problem that we are misrepresenting reality through the internal bias, we can’t really escape it, the problem is that we are writing in such a way to elevate our personal realities in the eyes of our readers.

Be wary of the self development writers, as they will try to emulate virtuousness that they do not poses, so that they can be percieved as a moral authority on any topic.

You can’t really learn about the world if you aren’t really seeing and feeling the raw problems that author is facing. And you can’t truly connect with people that you have no true connection with.

Seek reality and find the truth

Try to see the writers flaws, especially from those writers that fluff everything up, and keep it vague.

Your reading needs to be hyper critical, and your bullshit radar needs to be turned on all the times. For if you don’t judge the content you are reading, you are bound to make wrong decisions in your life, and nothing is more expensive than a wrong decision.

Brian Djordjevic
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Brian Dordevic

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