When is the right time to introduce innovations into your workflow?

Are you obsessed about completing your work faster?

All of us are obsessed about getting things done faster, better and with more vigor. But the question remains, when is the right time to start improving your workflow?

Well, the right time to introduce innovations into your work is when you are actually doing the work. Productivity porn, and improving for the fun of it, is yet another misnomer in the Efficiency culture of the internet. It’s luring you into feeling better about yourself, by exploring the ways to work in an improved manner.

Productivity appeal is strong and pulls people in, but further away from doing the actual work. So if you aren’t implementing certain workflow, or you simply aren’t working, why would you think about innovating that certain task process in the first place?

Productivity material overconsumption is killing actual productivity

Ditching Lifehacker was one of the best decisions I’ve made when I’ve started reading and writing about productivity. Their website was luring me in and away from the tasks at hand. I was constantly “improving my workflow”, that eventually I never used.

Stopping for the moment and doing your own thinking is better, than endlessly looking out for the solutions to the problems you never knew existed until you’ve drunk the productivity marketing Koolaid.

The same goes for the methods

There are countless Agile Results, GTD’s and other methods and techniques for approaching your goals, but true productivity comes from within. It all starts with a strong inner game. Facing discomfort or learning to love what you do. And in numerous cases, both.

Once you get comfortable with what you are doing the “ordinary way” and when it’s integrated part of your day to day operations than it’s the right time to start building on an already existing solid foundation. Not sooner than that. That way you make sure you are actually doing your work, instead of constantly “fixing the workflow”.

Clarity comes from moving forward

When you stop paying attention to the wasteful actions and focus on the things that truly matter, you start to gain clarity. There is certainty that you are actually moving into a direction that you truly want to get to.

For the end, I will add a little quote from the Fight Club:

“Self-improvement is masturbation…”

Funny when it’s coming from the self-improvement blog?

Your turn!

Do you feel as if you “innovate” too much, or are you improving on the already existing foundation of your workflow? Are you caught up in “productivity” frenzy or are you actually getting things done?