Why you shouldn’t make a New Year Resolution in 2012

This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at the time. – Fight Club

New Years resolutions have been unsuccessful for many people. I can safely assume that I accomplished my last year new year resolution to an extent. Primarily with this blog, it’s still alive and kicking. I am setting New Year Resolutions every year for more than 5 years. And I always was successful, but this time I feel as if I deserve a little break from resolutions. This Year I won’t have a new year resolution.

Acceptable Change 

The answer to the question why I don’t want to participate in 2012 regarding resolutions is simply because I want to feel liberated from having anything on the back of my mind, saying, YOU HAVE TO. A lot of people are starting to go minimalist path that Leo Balbuta from ZenHabits.net is taking and I want to give it a try. I want to do what feels comfortable and not stress too much about the outcome. I already feel that I improved myself a lot for quite a couple of years that passed, so taking a break sounds like a good idea.

It was hard writing this article, without making decisions, it was hard avoiding my hardwired brain, that is so used to taking resolutions. But as I am writing it, I feel the inner change happening within me. I feel the path carved in front of me, that I don’t know where it is headed. Focusing on now. Focusing on next word. Focusing on being present. It’s not a resolution, it’s the state of being. State of right here, right now. I don’t want to look ahead in 2012.

Before you start your New Year Resolution, ask yourself is it worth it? Is it worth it to force something on yourself, just to realize that you might fail and feel bad about it? Stop that mental masturbation, or stop putting that unnecessery pressure onto yourself. Lay back and relax your mind. Aspire to be in the moment, because the fact that the new year is approaching doesn’t mean absolutely nothing.

Nothing new, except the number in our Calendar

Yes, it’s the new year, but there is no big bang after midnight, it’s not the new you, it’s still the same old you, that you were the last year. The fact that the number on a date changed, doesn’t change much. That is a psychological mind trick that we are using to trick ourselves that new things are happening. But the reality still remains. Even when that midnight hour clock moves forward, it’s still going to be the same world behind us. Many will have plans to change themselves and the world around them, and they will forget them tomorrow, or a couple of days after, once the euphoria stops.

What I want you to do is to feel every day as the new year is coming. You won’t need resolutions that way. I want you to feel every moment as the new beggining of your life, because that is what it is exactly. It’s the reality that is always new and exciting, because you are living it just once. That is why Alpha Efficiency talks about time that much. Time is the only resource that we can not bring back. Once it’s spent, it’s gone. You can’t buy time, you can’t travel back to it, you can’t revert it. It’s a constant, that all of us are linked to. And all of us are sharing the very same time.

Bringing up the new year resolution takes time of your mind. Takes those precious moments that you could have spent better on some other place. For example enjoying the holidays with your family and friends. Focusing on the gifts under your Christmas tree and their unwrapping. Everything is better than putting some serious decisions in the moments where you should be living instead. Make every moment be your great and powerful decision. Don’t make big decisions only on big dates, like new year. Aspire that you make them every second of your life. Aspire to live and die by the moment.

Making strong decisions requires practice, it’s not a once a year thing

Remember that we are mortal, so if you are doing something that you don’t like, try to figure out a way, what would you do instead right now. Ask yourself that question often. You will figure out that you can lead far better life than the one that you are used to so far. Steve Jobs was right. Forget those big decisions and dreams that you make on December 31st, because most of them evaporate with January 1st hangover. Focus on living every day like it’s the New Year.

This is the last post on Alpha Efficiency in 2011. I am wishing you a happy new 2012. Make this year, your year. Year of change, each and every day. And see you in 2012.

And before you go, it would be awesome if you could share how was your 2011? Did you review it? Did you like what you’ve achieved? Did you complete your goals?