Why Future Resides In Cognitive Enhancement

The Great Replacement

21st Century is replacing our manual labour at the pace not seen throughout the history. The demand for having a lot of discipline in doing repetitive manual tasks is in a serious decline. Whatever is repetitive, machine will do better than human ever will. It will carry out these tasks with more accuracy and efficiency.

What isn’t Getting Replaced By The Machines?

Creativity will be increaasingly in demand, as it can’t be replaced. Your capacity to create value is becoming virtually limitless, and the only obstacle in front of you, is your own mind. Unfortunately, the system we are currently inheriting as human species, has put some very bad people at the top. This group of people is doing everything it can in order to secure it’s dominant position, and in doing so, is limiting the potential of the rest of the humanity. They have been systematically destroying the entrepreneurial and creative thinking.

Challenging The Status Quo of systems that failed us

Unfortunately, in western civilization (and further), people have became increasingly reliant on the failed governments to solve their basic problems. The governing system has positioned itself in the alignment of the large corporate influence, and instead of being the protector of the free market, it introduced this deep corporate oligarchy that is establishing monopolies world wide, stifling the opportunities for the disruptors, slowing down the progress of humanity.

Large corporate has been undercutting the workers, and in doing so, it has impoverished all sides of the world, positioning itself as the go-between the large markets. This robbed people out of their dignity, their inheritance, as well as the political representation. Luckily, the progress of the technology has allowed us to compete with the big guys, and capture the value that is slipping under their radars.

The Big Battleground Arena

The only arena in which we are competing today is cognitive arena, and luckily for us, the artificial intelligence can’t produce creative solutions, doesn’t have the imagination nowhere near close to what we posses as humans. Which is keeping creative humans in the high demand, as long as they possess the cognitive privilege that would allow them to compete.

With the school system that has been designed to fail us, The workers of yesterday, including the millenials of today, have suffered through catastrophic education that has left us, humaity, with devastating effects and consequences. People just don’t know how to solve problems anymore, and they are deepening their dependence on the external sources.

As a person responsible for hiring, I’ve seen that intelligent people don’t have the appropriate mindset needed for value creation, and they are further being disincentivized by the system from doing so. This is causing the fissure between needs of the small medium businesses, and the market supply. Creative solutions, management capacity and the right balance between possible ideas and the execution is becoming bigger and bigger.

How Tech Companies Stifle Competition And Growth

Large corporate has placed high salary ranges for the high calibre individuals, putting them in large Googleplexes where they are taking their brains to become complecant, keep them in the ideological echo chamber, and essentially just paying them not to work. Large corporate is an arena in which young brains go to die.

What I’ve noticed in the industry is that millenials have zero discipline as workers, and simply aren’t capable of executing any idea that comes to their mind. I am speaking in the agregate of data, not for all millenials. This is a generalization, so snowflakes, don’t get offedned if you’ve executed in the past, you are the exception that confirms the rule, not the rule itself.

The generation X has higher levels of discipline, yet they really need someone to guide their workflow process, otherwise they aren’t fully independent in carving novel paths. Being in the middle of these two generations is performance sweet spot, where very few people are.

Basic Requirements to tackle modern challanges

For optimal performance an individual needs to posses an IQ of over 120, or at least have temporary boosts of operating at the 120 IQ during the working hours. This goes for all knowledge workers that are sitting in front of the computer. Given the fact that only less than 5% of population has it, we are in a high demand for cognitive enhancements!

The other problem that is stifling the formation of young and succesfull companies is a lack of loyalty. So even when you have smart people located in one place, rarely do they sit in one place long enough, because as soon as their peak performance peaks its nose, the large corporate comes in and buys off the entire team, through big salaries or merges and acquisitions, essentially drowning any future competition. This is the reason why I am a firm believer that 21st century is, despite all of its technological improvements is equivalent of the dark ages.

How to ignite enlightment era and digital reneissance ?

First step to becoming enligthned is to strip down the world out of propaganda, lies, deception that is generated through the academia, fake news media and through sheer peer pressure of the people indoctrinated around you. Social reality is different from actual reality, and as such you need to develop a resillience and mental forttitude, which will help you understand what you are allowed to say, and what you aren’t.

Only person that needs to see the world for what it is, is you. No matter your political spectrum, there is deception on all sides. We are going through the era of radical political tribalization, and as such, world is becoming charged with intense conflict: cultural, intellectual and spiritual. You would be advised not to take sides, despite the intense social pressure happening on all ends.

The fight for the soul of the world, has englulfed the social reality in flames. Biases are exaggarated, dilluting the perceptions, and accusing people of wrong think, no matter on which side of the isle they are. Plugging out of the social bias matrix is the first step to seeing world for what it is: extremely fragile, deceptive and non-objective.

Once you see it for what it is, you will have much better control over understanding the environment in which you operate. Seeing the world for what it really is, and understanding what is allowed, and what isn’t allowed in the current political environment is essential for the survival of you, your family, and your lifestyle, as well as the survival of the nice reality for all of us.

Fighting this beast is a process of the cogntive revolution, where you need to learn to find other people that are capable of introducing the change into the digital ecosystem, or creating a new one.

The tasks that do require problem solving AND discipline are in high demand. And in order to have both, you need to be high IQ individual. Given the fact that overall American IQ is dropping, enhancing cognitive capacity of the individuals is one of the highest value creation opportunities that you can get involved in. As a human, you can start getting supplements, and as an enterprenuer, you can participate in the market of supplements for cognitive enhancement.

Only thing that politicians are afraid of, are intelligent constituents. We need large groups of people being more intelligent than we currently are.

The Future We Can Rely On

We, as a human race, will need to develop smart drugs that will help us see the world in a much deeper way. Without cognitive enhancement, especially for the average person, we are facing increasing difficulty in providing the optimal organization of our social world.