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Weekly Reviw: @IFTTT, #iPadOnly and finding Zen in the chaos…

Weeks are passing by, and I began to settle down on another continent. I am not sure whether the culture shock anxiety kicked in yet, or it is yet to shock me, but I am doing my best to get used to the new environment. Currently working on a goal of finding a suitable employment.

What we wrote

I opened up a week with a write-up to Darren’s Digital Anatomy article. It’s called Integrating your brain power with digital anatomy.

Darren proceeded with his angle on The 3 Zones of Productivity and how to make them work for you. Read this article as Darren guides you how to embed these habits into your lifestyle, and liberate your time.

What we found interesting around the web


Lately, I haven’t been listening to enough of the podcasts. I admit it. My content consumption fell down a big notch, as I am overwhelmed with job search and everything that goes hand in hand with starting your life from scratch. But I’ve still managed to scramble some free time in bus rides, that I’ve given a listen to Blenderhead YouTube video. It’s short and funny, and best of all, attention worthy.

The book

The book of the week is iPad Only by our friends Michael Sliwinski and Augusto Pinaud came up with a brilliant book that Darren is half way through, and I am yet to finish it.

But let me give you a brief overview of what awaits for you in iPad only. You will learn how a programmer and a writer went from a computer, all the way to the tablet. Their personal stories and experiences.

There will be the inevitable discussion about the apps, and workflows. And no book on iPad goes without iPhone.

There seems to be a lot of meat, but a full review will come later, once we go further through it.


Zen Mind in the Middle of Chaos & Stress is another classic by Leo Balbuta. Teaches us how to slow down, when there is a chaos around us. A lesson that many of us dearly need.

The real reason why we procrastinate is paradigm shifting article. It puts us in the perspective of our life, and takes us to the deeply entrenched reasons why we don’t do, what we are supposed to. The sentence that might sum up the whole thing is: We avoid every task for the same reason: Taking action will cause us a certain amount of pain.

There are personal stories that will teach you and motivate you how when you move toward it, pain turns into power.

There is a saying in our country, that you will best know the person when you see him in a position of power. This article about Power and how it corrupts the mind is actually explaining why power has a frightening effect of not making humans evil, but showing their true face instead.

Aftermath of RSS-o-pocalypse is done. What will happen with all the Google traffic? Here are some theories…

The App of the week

Instead of the blog, this time I want to include the app of the week. It’s a spectacular IFTTT for iOS. The only problem that worries me in this scenario is the fact that IFTTT has no revenue model still, yet I am so highly dependent on their service, to cover my tasks in the back end.

The app is beautiful and totally worth your time invested in playing with it. IFTTT for iOS, make sure to check it out.

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