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Weekly Review Taking Responsibility

Darren and I function like clockwork lately, him being busy, I take over, and we switch on and off for a while. Today, I realized that. Sometimes the lack of communication is leaving a toll on the emotion of teamwork, but the bond is still there. Sometimes you just need to give your partners a breathing room and realize that when they are in mess, you have to take over for them, because they would have done the same thing for you.

So we’re back and forth. But after the bumps, we’re coming back. Full swing, so stay tuned. We’ll be here with our regular, known posting schedule, but the best is yet to come…

What we wrote

Despite his tight schedule, Darren is spot on about our collaboration. He wrote 6 ways collaboration will improve your productivity. Expect a lot of good content on collaboration coming up from him, and me as well. As this proves to be fruitful for the both of us.

Me on the other hand, I wasn’t that creative, but I gave the spotlight to one very important book: Review of Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure. This one is a classic of time management, and you can’t afford to read the review and book later on.

What we found interesting around the web

In the past two weeks, I’ve discovered the Read Time App, that gives me a timer for my reading, and enforces “touch once” approach to reading articles. It turns you into a reading beast, letting you blow up your articles. Let me tell you, that this time I have around 30 Pocket favorites, from which I will choose up to 5. A lot of interesting content, but spotlight goes only to the very best.


One of the role models in internet marketing and personal branding out there is Pat Flynn. When he is giving out productivity tips, you are paying a close attention, as he has proven track of completing his goals. 8 productivity tips are pretty straightforward and simple. Often, we only need the things that are most simple.

The book

The book I am currently reading is completely non-productivity oriented. Blago Cara Radovan is a Serbian novel, by Jovan Ducic. For a long while, I was never into Serbian writers, as they always seemed like second class compared to Russian novelists like Dostoyevsky, so I was rarely giving them a chance. This time I must say, I am really pleasantly surprised.

I am recommending this book because it will expand your consciousness, and showcase you the work of numerous classics. Jovan Ducic was a huge intellectual, and most of the work in “Blago Cara Radovan” is a review on the works of numerous philosophers, religious people and great thinkers of all times.


Why do complex time management systems fail is an article by Time Management Ninja, and it points out some of the usual flaws I see in GTD. When things start falling through the cracks, you have to simplify your thinking, and way you go about it.

Manually adjust Netflix streaming option is an awesome trick for Netflix users who are budgeting their data allowance or simply have to manage their data in a more precise manner.

How Exercise is tied to learning is yet another Lifehacker article that is showing the relation between the body and the mind. It is mentioned here to increase awareness of you the readers, on the importance of physical activity, and how it helps you perform.

In the spirit of Doing Your Own Thinking (one of the main points of the upcoming 7 Steps To Alpha Efficiency), I’ve found another like-minded individual that is covering this topic. A short note on bridge jumping is amazing advice, coming from grown-ups when we are kids. But then we forget to apply it when we grow up. A paradox of modern society, I’d say.

Do A Daily Review of your bank account when you are short on money is a pretty solid tip for your personal finance. Lately, I’ve been monitoring my expenses and been reading a lot on the topic, hence you will see a lot more of content like this.

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