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Weekly Review Tackling The Jobs And Home Working Environment

This was a low steam week for me, but Darren was neck deep with his work, so I took over and pushed a little harder. Personally, I am diligently working towards my goals, but also overcoming a lot of internal problems that are a result of making a 6000 miles move.

What we wrote

The first piece I came up with, was one that I had saved as a safety buffer: “How Shitty Job Motivated Me To Give My Everything In Order To Move Ahead”. This piece is pumped up with emotions from reaching out of my comfort zone, and obtaining some valuable experience, and made me internalize some life epiphanies.

In the second piece I’ve located my main source of the problem, and how am I going to tackle it: ” Insights About Working Environment And Relations To Your Goal Output. Sometimes you can’t really put a finger on what’s exactly the problem in your life, because you don’t focus on the cause. You will learn from my experience that removing the roadblock can help your efforts tremendously.

What we found interesting around the web

As every week, I’ve aspired to consume high-quality content, that I can share in our weekly review, but there are limits to the capacity I can achieve, due to time constraints. Me being the avid reader though, I didn’t miss the opportunity to find some amazing articles you can rest assured will fill you in with some quality reading time!


How To Combat Emotional Warfare And Root Out The Manipulative Abusive People In Your Life – whatever I’ve said about Lifehacker in the past, is spot on. But it’s still the website with some articles of pure gold and awesomeness. This is one of them. You might recognize your coworker, cousin or even maybe your significant other in this one. Abusers and manipulators are all around us, and the probability is, that they aren’t even aware of it. Read and learn how to defend yourself from emotional attacks.

How To Get By Without A College Degree is something that warmly resonates with my heart. Even though I am a graduate of economics, I feel as if I didn’t do enough during my four years of studies. Somehow the majority of my education comes from the internet, and my whole life has been enabled by the knowledge of the web I’ve obtained. So this piece resonates well with my values. Certainly, it’s quite good to have a degree, but if you can’t obtain it, it doesn’t mean you will be a failure in life. One of my best friends, Milan Cvejic, has only high school, but he is also a senior developer for a major tech company, and as such, he didn’t need any formal schooling. Often times it’s what you do, not what degree you have.

The Manly Tradition Of The Pocket Notebook talks about keeping a notebook. With my recent Moleskin addiction, and moving back to analog a little bit, I’ve found this article mind blowing, simply because I forgot to pay attention to some handy tricks that aren’t related to digital. It is good to rest from your smartphone and be alone with your thoughts and a blank piece of paper. Try it. You will likely be surprised with what you come up with.

The final piece for today is Declutter. As usual, Zenhabits has content that never fails. And I mean literally never. Clutter fogs our mind, fogs our thoughts and prevents us from seeing our goals as clearly as we want to. Decluttering means removing everything that is unnecessary from our lives: unnecessary possessions, unnecessary habits, and even unnecessary people.


Hope this will keep you busy, until the next week. Hopefully, in the upcoming days, we’ll hear more from Darren and his new ideas on stress management.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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