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Picking The Right Task Manager and Observing Your Brain On The Digital

This last week, was my last week at my first office job, and hopefully, the last one. Therefore the big change is that I am on a vacation now, until I start moving to the USA.

What I wrote

How Encounter with Cairo Provoked Fear and challenged me to ultimately distort my world view – in this one I go way back to the 2004, when I was in Egypt, and the tremendous impact it had on me as a person. It made me grow as a human being, and if you want to link that one to productivity, you will have to think in terms of motivation.

Total Evernote Automation with IFTTT and Hazel – The Evernote frenzy is back, as I’ve started moving my work heavily in that direction. This one will allow you to turn Evernote into a holy spirit of your internet usage.

Huge Hidden Costs of App Switching – Lately I haven’t started using any of the new apps, I’ve tried many, but my system tends to reject everything that I don’t previously have muscle memory built on. This lead me to some interesting conclusions…

Thoughts on Evernote Reminders and New Update – New Evernote made a lot of buzz and noize, but is it really that worth it?

Posts I’ve contributed

Picking the right task manager is my contributing article for AllThingsApple. If you are searching for the perfect task manager, this article is going to be a great resource for you.

What I found interesting around the web


Start buttons fix everything is yet another fantastic audio rant from Blenderhead. As usual you can expect a lot of magically organized profanity, with a lot of funny tech insights. Your weekly dose of tech douchebag laughter.

The book

Evernote Every Day is another Evernote book written by Jeremy Roberts from Cloud Productivity. Even though it’s one of the many books out there, it is delivering value. Whenever I find a nugget, as a power user of Evernote, I endorse that product. In this book, I was particularly happy how Jeremy organized the search operators into a neat table.

His use cases will give you ideas and further empower you to move your thoughts from your brain, into your digital notebook.


Your Brain On Digital 21st Century came at a price. The abundance of information and distraction ultimately changed the chemistry of our brains and this article alerts you to all the problems you might encounter, if you allow yourself to sink into a distracted mental state.

How I Gave up Email and Reclaimed 3 Hours a Day Title of this article sounds a little misleading, as Claire doesn’t really quit the email, but rather makes it irrelevant to her productivity.

So what’s the deal? She moved her clients onto collaborative platforms, where she gets an environment where all the communication and work are streamlined into one location. This is really great tactic, and delivers a lot more value than the headline implies.

1Password to LastPas to 1Password is a great example how different minds think and operate in terms of security. Details in this story are a critical, and this article is all about them.

Maintaining Momentum 15 Minutes a Day This article discusses how the writer of the article and his friend became early morning accountability partners, where they would work on their own projects together for 15 minutes, every, single, morning. They have some good takeaways, otherwise they wouldn’t include them. Kudos to Brain Cutlery for sharing this one.

Blog of the week – Brooks Review

Brooks Review is a blog that I’ve been enjoying a lot lately. He doesn’t write long articles, but his personality shines through. If you are a techie, and I assume you are, than you should feel free and follow him online.

It has minimalistic design, it is absolutely gorgeous. The content is opinionated and makes sense. Something worthy of your RSS reader.


There was something really interesting that sparked my attention. An old bill dating all the way back to Confederacy. As a big fan of history, had to add some soul to this article. Thanks to Kate for contributing!

Confederate 10$

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