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Weekly Review – Nano Workouts, Nootropics and some personal finance

For the past week, we had extended Holiday, one that made me appreciate the value of free time. Perhaps this daily 9 to 5 grind is a good lesson, showing me how much tired I actually got for a past 6 months working and living in a routine.

As a result of a Holiday, I went to nature on May 1st to reconnect with myself and with some dear friends of mine. The result is that I got completely disconnected from work, even though I didn’t want to. Now I am trying to get back to it.

Even though I kept writing, I was in no mood to talk about productivity, because I was indulging myself in the break that signifies that begging of summer. I did have more time to read but seems that my Pocket didn’t contain too many epic posts worth of sharing. So I will share what I wrote and what I found interesting, even though it’s not a lot.

Also, for all of you who are celebrating Orthodox Easter, happy Easter! Wishing you a lot of health, happiness and wealth. God bless you all.

What I wrote…

This whole period is dedicated to researching on whereabouts of my destination Chicago. There are some lessons I’ve learned along the way, and finally, know that it is going to happen.

Read up on “The Alchemy of Dreams On my Road To USA

What I’ve found interesting this week…


I will start off with a great podcast. If you aren’t following Blenderhead podcast, you are missing out. A lot. Last weeks show was awesome and focus on why Google glasses suck, by comparing it to handsfree USB. Also, the rationale for why nobody wants to be like Robert Scoble, a geek superhero. Don’t let me spoil you the whole show, there are quite a bunch of humorous gems found in this one, that will crack you up.

The book

“The Richest Man in Babylon” entertained me for quite a while, and there are some astonishingly interesting paradigms about making money, that are so easy to comprehend, that it just boggles my mind why more people aren’t following these guidelines. Buying this book is an investment if you ask me. The especially resonating principle from the book is saving and investing money. In order for this to work, you have to give up on very little, for a very extended period of time.

Wealth is actually a state of mind. Considering that it’s the 21st century, these principles still hold a lot of value and power. Their timelessness proved to stand a test of time. If you are interested in securing your wealth and financial security in the future, this is an absolute must-read.


The new concept I’ve encountered and one that was running through my mind previously is the concept of Nano Workouts. Short workouts in a burst that elevate your blood pressure might ignite extra brain activity.

Another thing that caught my attention is Nootropics. This article mentions the relationship between “wakefulness” and supplements (nutrition) we consume. It also covers a concept of mental clarity.

On advertising, there were numerous articles out there, but Leo nailed it to the core on the future of advertising. Honestly, I want fewer ads in my life. That is why Alpha Efficiency is pretty much advertising safe heaven. There will be an occasional RSS sponsored post, but I don’t want to clutter your user experience when you come here to read. Some of you might not use Pocket and Instapaper, and for those people, I reserve clean experience of this website.

And the final piece is regarding finance. Trent from Simple Dollar is talking about the financial decisions we don’t notice. This is a thought-provoking article and will make you reconsider your behavior. Also touches the habit patterns we build, and evokes the importance of mindfulness. Seems that it is the determining factor of destroying the bad habits.

The blog of the week

With the design refresh, All Things Apple made a breakthrough. It’s curation based website, and recently I became a contributor there, hence a little leg up to my new partners in writing crimes. The team behind ATA is motivated and with their minimalistic reading experience,

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