Weekly Review: iOS and all that jazz, plus a productivity experiment from @psychowith6

You’d have to have been hiding under a rock not to have been swept up in the WWDC Keynote analysis, but although rocks were in short supply I did find myself in a communications blackspot this week as I spent a few days doing conservation work in a National Trust site.
An enforced communications blackout for 36 hours was an interesting experience, and the discomfort of me and my colleagues was palpable as we swept our Blackberrys around each room like Star Trek tricorders, hoping vainly to latch onto a signal and plug back into the Network.

The upshot of this period of disconnect was I had a knee-high pile of stuff to trawl through when I eventually came back to civilization, but thankfully a disciplined approach to hacking through my inbox got me back on track at work relatively quickly. The personal backlog took a little longer to clear as I worked my way through a gazillion WWDC post-match analyses – some were interesting, others not.

What we have written

With Bojan preparing for his imminent move to Chicago and my media blackout, it’s been a quiet week for Alpha Efficiency. Hopefully, you saw my first post, A new kind of Alpha, which explains a little about who I am and why I’m posting on Alpha Efficiency.

I also made a guest appearance on Steve Spring’s Productivity blog with my post Using a Productivity System to Make Your Life A Little Easier. The post is intended to be a primer for those who are still struggling with the basics of productivity.

What I found interesting this week

Of all the WWDC analysis, I found Matt Gemmell’s discourse on iOS to be the most insightful and balanced, so I recommend taking a look if you haven’t succumbed to iOS7 fatigue yet.

Leo Babauta wrote a great piece called Zen mind in the middle of chaos and stress, which talks about staying calm when the world is conspiring to stress you out.


I’ve been working through Erik Fisher’s back catalogue of Beyond the Todo List and I must say it’s a really enjoyable podcast. His interviews read like “who’s who” of productivity; he did a great job with the Merlin Mann interview (uncharacteristically concise) and the interviews with Craig Jarrow and Mike Vardy are my personal favourites.


I’m in the process of getting my broken Kindle replaced, so I’ve done a lot less reading than usual. However, I have taken the opportunity to have a read of Mike Vardy’s Productivity workbook, which I really enjoyed. Mike has a very straightforward take on how to set yourself up to be productive and suggests a range of techniques and apps to get you started. Well worth the tiny $5 price tag.

Blog of the week

I’ve really been enjoying Melanie Wilson’s Psycho With 6 blog. Each week Melanie tries a new productivity technique and reports back on what worked and what didn’t. A true experimenter; well worth checking out.


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      You’re very welcome – I applaud your efforts in trying a new system each week, and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for the rest of the year!