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Weekly Review in the RSS resolution week with @desparoz

Darren and I took this week to talk about RSS and the way we dealt with it in the post-Google Reader world. Dust from my immigration and Darren’s vacation has started to settle down, and we are getting back on track with full sails ahead. Our next week is already prepared, and we feel like we’re in control of the future finally.

Since we got a deep breath of relaxation, we started a collaborative project that we will yet talk about. We are very excited about this, but we can’t yet reveal what is going on. You’ll have to stay tuned!

What we wrote

Basically, we took 2 different approaches to RSS. My approach is slightly different compared to Darren’s as it uses the commercial solution called Feedly, and he is using self-hosted Fever. We also have some insights and perspectives into what is going on in RSS world and expectations for the future.

This is my version of RSS resolution and this is Darren’s.

What we found interesting around the web


Up at Bulletproof Executive, they discuss a topic of sex as an essential for productivity seriously. Some people won’t be able to grasp the ideas behind thaoism and the way it helps you preserve energy, but you are definitively going to hear something interesting around here. Listen to Sex, Sex Culture, and Sex at dawn with Christopher Ryan.

The book

The principals of rulership haven’t changed for thousands of years. Social aspects of humanity are more or less the same throughout the millenniums. One of the best places where you can see the progress of the thought on governing is Nicolo Machiavelli’s book: “The Prince”. The practical side of this book made an impact on the numerous people in power till this very day. This book is a cradle of: ”


One of the news that was relevant to me, is the fact that now we can sync our Evernote shortcuts across all the devices. Besides that new Evernote is powered with Skitch integration, which is becoming quite an essential piece of my workflow.

Got an interesting email from some readers, where they’ve promoted their Pomodoro article. Pomodoro is a wonderful technology, and in this piece, they are talking about this technique from the programmers perspective. If you are a coder, you should definitively pay attention to this one. Reading and learning about the Pomodoro technique has always been inspiring, as you can actually measure the time that way.

On my journey to minimalism, my Pocket has become filled with a lot of articles talking about finances, debt, possession and getting away from the same. This article churned out some amazing financial facts that I didn’t know, like: The average U.S. household debt is 136 percent of household income, which means the typical American family owes more money than it makes in an entire year. I witnessed the effects of this kind of culture in real life, as I moved to the states. We can do better is an article that will make you think and potentially change your outlook on your financial decisions. Minimalism pays off.

In the nature of financial outcomes, I’ve been doing some financial researching on the topic of credit and debit cards and dug out this pretty amazing Lifehacker article on the same topic. It’s a good thing to know when to use Credit and when to use a debit card.

As I’ve finally settled down in the country of my preference, I started thinking long term. One of the things that caught my attention is life insurance. Still debating will I get one, but at least now I know I won’t be getting one through my employer. Wise Bread gives you good reasons you shouldn’t.

Another Lifehacker gem is the one that goes beyond networking and talks about the mastermind group. One thing you have to know, mastermind groups are essential for your personal growth. Creating one, and being a part of one, is essential for success. This article covers only the basics, but enough to get you thinking, and seed the idea of being a part of one.

As I am still not in the place of having the job that I am satisfied with, I am looking for all the necessary things that are related to the topic. There are Hidden Costs of Job hunting and these helped a lot in framing my mind and thoughts regarding my opportunities. Another good one that accompanies it, especially for the guys, is how to create a work-friendly wardrobe on the budget.

Failure is an essential part of life. Leo Balbuta is certainly a role model for how someone can live as a minimalist, but it came through experience. I failed is one amazing piece, and it will give you strength if you are currently in the rough spot.

The last piece for this weekly review is coming from Lex Friedman from Mac World. As I’ve recently started using Apple Maps and been quite happy with them, learning the new Siri navigation tricks provedquite helpful.

The Blog of the week

Finding the right blog is getting tricker every week. This time around Darren helped me out! Desparoz blog was covering RSS recently, but the article that reminded Darren of the similarity in attitudes with me in his De-googlify your life article.

It is certainly a fresh addition to my RSS reader.

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