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Weekly – Impact of @1Password, Typography and BrainCutlery Manifesto

In personal terms, some big things happened last week, I’ve bought my tickets for the USA, and now it’s a flight waiting game. As I make my move, I believe it will have a dramatic impact on my work, my style and even topics that I write here. Health-wise I felt dramatically better, so I’ve started working out again, ending a brief delay.

What I wrote

This week was a bit more productive in terms of publishing. I have some new publishing guidelines, so here is a bit longer list than usually:

  1. Further down the “Fallacy of Systems thinking” Discussion
  2. Impact of @1password on my @Evernote and @Lastpass usage
  3. Slightly different publishing approach
  4. The RSS replacement

Personally, the most important piece of writing done this week is actually the short RSS article, because I feel as if it is the biggest paradigm shift in my content consuming habits. After that comes the big shift in publishing approach on Alpha Efficiency. And then the changes that occurred with 1Password.

Some changes occurred in my working environment, and I feel they are for the better. Simplification and a bit of fragmentation. But that’s the way it goes.

What I found interesting around the web

This week I was more focused on going out and about, solving my tickets, so I didn’t get to consume as much, but from this limited selection, I’ve got some great stuff you need to check out.


This is something that left the most profound effect on me from all the things I’ve consumed for past 7 days. It’s a typography episode of Mac Power Users, where David and Katie discuss fonts with Inna Saltz.

If you are a web designer or any kind of digital publisher, this is a mandatory listening material.

The book

The book of the week is Markdown by David Sparks and Eddie Smith. Again, if you are writing for the web, and you want to truly do something for your productivity, this is the book for you. Check it out on the iBooks store for your iPad, or download it as a PDF if it’s not yet featured in your country.


  1. My internet pal Brain Cutlery is making a rather massive influence on my grammar, so he shared me this article on the differences between “its” and “it’s” in hopes that it will prevent me from making this mistake in the future. Let’s hope he is right.
  2. Speaking of my friend, he posted Brain Cutlery Manifesto, which is his powerful mission and purpose statement, and a worthy read worth checking out. It focuses on paperless and productivity.
  3. Social media tends to consume our lives, and therefore it’s a prerogative to put it under control. Guys at Social Media Camp have ideas on how to use Pomodoro to tame social media.

Blog of the week

Bullet Proof Executive is certainly putting a different angle on biohacking, the impact of hormones and nutrition on our performance. They’ve inspired me through a couple of their posts in the past, but I am a subscriber of their blog and RSS feed. A website that made a tremendous impact on the future of this website, and the future research I will be conducting.

That would be it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the selection. Please let me know how you like this section of Alpha Efficiency and what you like most about it.

Brian Djordjevic
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