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Last week I was pulling long hours away from home. My days were filled with work and gym, the whole day long, with an occasional coffee break in the city. One day I even wrote a bunch of stuff while drinking my favorite mocha in Greenet. Sounds pretty boring, but last week I wasn’t as productive as I am used to.

Spent the whole lot of time on downsizing my social media. Once you go through your social media obesity periods, cutting down on the number of people you follow is a tedious task, as you really don’t want to leave some people behind.

What I wrote

  1. As I was growing up with the internet all the way since 1996, I figured I had some thoughts I wanted to share on this new dawn of time, embracing us today. Here I covered The Begging of Digital Renaissance and what it means to us.
  2. There was a lot of clutter in my social media feeds. I’ve made some cuts and expanded on some new networks, but overall it was time for Social Media Spring Cleaning.
  3. The power of mental context is staggering, learn how to Fight Forgetfulness and develop mental contexts. This concept is something unique that I’ve developed over the course of years.
  4. In this emerging digital world, small people got their voice. I am a big advocate of small voices and making them be heard. You can transform the world with supporting indie and small publishers.
  5. At the begging of the week, I’ve exploded with motivation and with production. You can see how it looks like when you do the right thing and write 5000+ words in 1 day…

Guest posts

On the guest side of writing, my awesome article on Lifehack.org got featured! Guys guide to hacking sex and testosterone and productivity was a welcome addition to my writing repertoire. Really proud that this piece got published and got that many shares. A lot of hours of research got poured into this one.

What I found interesting around the web


This week I wasn’t listening to a lot of Podcast. But I’ve been on top of Quit: Episode 20 where Dan is talking with the Founder of Warby Parker and Harry’s, company that is innovating in the market of glasses. Some genuine concepts covered here.


Book for this week is an iBook with screencasts of Evernote. Learning To Love Evernote caught me flat-footed with certain tips, that I had no clue of even as a veteran of Evernote.

From all the Evernote books I’ve seen so far, this one is most rounded and tailored for people who still didn’t catch up on all of its features. It gives a neat overlay of all the functionality you might have missed.


The news is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier – This is an exceptional article, and the reason that is backing up my support of small and indie publishers. There is less noise this way, and you are less likely to be exposed to mass media brainwashing.

What does nearly every genius have in common when it comes to working habits? – Some staggering results show that a lot of greatest minds in history owe their productivity due to the substance abuse. While I don’t advocate for substance abuse, trying to make a case for various productivity increasing supplements.

The Cabinet of Invisible Counselors is a concept from Napoleon Hill’s book: “Think and Grow Rich”. This short excerpt from Art Of Manliness might increase your imagination and spark some crazy ideas. These ideas are so crazy that they might actually work.

Can Music Be More Effective Than Drugs? – This is adding up to my library of evidence that music is an essential part of any productivity puzzle.

What Is Manliness? Another great piece from Art Of Manliness, defining what masculinity is. If you read it with more caution you will realize that some masculine values are timeless and that people need to pass certain “Rights of passage”. Also, the article talks about the shifting tides regarding manliness in the 21st century.

How To Be Real Online (And Get Paid For It) has influenced me slightly and nudged me in the direction of being real me. After all, this is my website (for the time being of writing this article), and I want to make it, by being absolutely real. Saying what I truly feel, while calling out bullshit when I see it. This is certainly encouragement in the right direction.

The Blog of the week

This week’s blog of the week is Less Doing, which actually inspired my weekly review. Some of my articles ended up on his list, and I’ve seen the idea, which I was contemplating for quite some time, and Ari gave me a nudge in a right direction. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t come up with this awesome curated weekly column that helps me with keeping the content frequency high and relevant.

His blog is all about the quantification of your personal data, and like me, he is an avid outsourcer. He is crunching some serious numbers and turns math into a fun activity. Dive deep into his wisdom and learn how he defeated unconquerable illness, by measuring pretty much everything regarding his body, and making more, while doing less.


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