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Weekly – #RSSopocalypse with habits, rituals and deep self development

It’s been a while since I had a moment to read and enjoy my working environment properly. The desk is still a scarcity in my new found home. Settling down on a whole new continent can still be a little bit hectic.

Besides that, we had a slow 2 weeks on Alpha Efficiency. Both Darren and I are basically on a vacation, and our connectivity and communication are being slower than usual. But July has a promising start. The one we hope you will get to enjoy more than we will.

What we wrote

Darren wrote a piece that numerous liked very much. It’s called How To Avoid Doubling your workload when you go on a Holliday.

My piece was the first impression of USA. Writing from the other side of the Atlantic. It has some valuable insights into the productivity and lifestyle differences between the USA and Europe.

What we found interesting around the web


As this is the day when Google reader ends, it is only logical to mention the RSS related podcast show. MacPowerUser’s RSS episode is a treat, and if you are really deep into RSS, this is the show. If you aren’t, just follow a couple of quick summaries related to the same topic, in the articles section.

The book

For this week, we will leave out the book of the week. The deal is that I am still reading Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure, and Darren is following up on Tribal Leadership. This time, we will skip it, as seems the book reading was not at the top of our priorities this time.


The Key Habits of Organization is a new article by Leo Balbuta of Zenhabits. In this article, he talks about his system. He covers collecting tasks, storing them, storing reference files, receipts and calendaring. While we might not agree with the tool choice, it certainly sets the cool foundation for someone who is a beginner.

GTD Review by Psycho With 6 is pretty spot on with all the issues that you may come up with GTD. Down to Earth article, highly recommended reading.

If you don’t have time to listen to MacPowerUsers podcast, and you still want to quickly keep in the loop, make sure to pay attention to The 5 Best Google Reader Alternatives curated by App Storm.

The Real Reason We Procrastinate (And What to Do About It) is a great article on procrastination. And one that will get you into motion.

Darren has been doing some reading of Steve Pavlina’s blog, and he found two gems, that are in perfect correlation with my view on habits and rituals.

Add The Best Drop The Worst is about adding the best habits and ditching the worse ones. And Habits and the long view is a wonderful write up to the first one, where it shifts your perspective on the long-term impact of your habits.

The Blog of the week

TUAW is interesting Apple blog, where I’ve found some pretty interesting scripts for my Mac, and some pretty useful tips and tricks. It’s a part of my RSS reader now. That will soon enough be powered with a new sync service…

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