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Weekly Review – Disconnecting from the internet and Biohacking

I was a bit under the weather the whole week, but I enjoyed a lot of quality content, especially in the book section. So here goes:

What I wrote

My usual two articles a week were quite related. My first was a semi-rant on “systems thinking”, where I explained why newbies shouldn’t implement systems as their starting point, and my second article explains what is the best way to start your own productivity journey.

  1. Fallacy of Systems Thinking and Reversing the Productivity Game
  2. The Very First Steps To Becoming Alpha Efficient

I am particularly proud of the second article, as it is going to be a foundation for any newcomer to the website. Something that will put the people on the right track, without putting the restrains of a systematic approach. It talks about habits and mindfulness. Simplifying the productivity, instead of making it more complex.

What I found Interesting this week


Biohacking is a popular subject, but never have I known that there is such a diverse community behind it. In this podcast, you’ll hear some crazy AWESOME ideas from Ari Meisel, who is a guest on the BulletProof Executive show. Apart from his amazing ideas on virtual assistants and commitment to improving your efficiency in the modern age, you will hear a lot of nutrition facts that will blow your mind.

The Book

Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure – Points on the smartphone, and people hardcore enforcing “their” method, as the only way to go about things. It’s a really well-written book, that pumps up your emotions, makes you feel the despair of bad time management and how it feels being lost in the sea of information.


Productivity Placebo – This article talks about some weird things we tend to do with our production system. Here he argues how using LCP for inputting information on Fantastical is actually slower and more redundant, and actually less productive. While I might argue with him that he is right, I’ve been doing the similar thing with Drafts. I wasn’t calculating the taps I’ve had to do, but I know it would get saved in Drafts ecosystem, and let me send an email or text message to the person with the date and time.

Apart from this little disagreement with the article on certain cases, I believe it brings up a rather awesome point, that some people are adding up, instead of watering down their productivity ecosystems. Here is the quote that should make you think about your own virtual environment:

— It’s easy to get sucked into the tools. You can spend hours tweaking and “optimize” your tools and not really get anything done. Tweaking your workflow is the new procrastinating. It’s a placebo that feels like work, but it really isn’t.

Plugging off the internetThe Verge article from their prolific writer getting paid to disconnect from the internet for the whole year. Man, getting paid to get off the very thing that makes you money. And that for the whole year. Not sure I could pull off what he did there, but I certainly try to separate my offline and online life. For the time being, they are largely different as they coexist in different languages. My Serbian ego lives in the realm of physical, and my virtual self-lives in the English virtual world.

But the story of this article is quite profound. Tells a lot about him, but also tells that people will find things to waste time on, equally as good, as without the Internet. Life without internet can be cool, but the deal is not to go over the board and stepping too much into either of the spheres. There are far too many advantages to the web to leave it ignored.

The blog of the week

For the blog of this week, I’d have to commend Mike Vardy’s Productivityist got a clean redesign and a constant stream of quality content. If you are a blogger, you can find a lot of inspiration in Mike Vardy’s blog. Something extremely awesome is coming up in his Productivityist Workbook. I have already bought and read some of Mike Vardy’s work, and I vouch that the book he is working on right now is going to be a game changer for many.

Brian Djordjevic
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