Weekly Review: collaboration, Byword, ProdPod and @Workflowing

Weekly Review: collaboration, Byword, ProdPod and @Workflowing

This week has been one of emotional ups and downs, with me celebrating my youngest son’s first birthday and Bojan reflecting on the challenges of working from the bottom up since arriving in America. There will be more from Bojan on that next week, but don’t worry you’re not going to be subjected to daddy talk from me…

What we have written

  • This week I wrote the first in what I intend to be a series of pieces on collaborating effectively. The Death of the Solo Artist is an exploration into how to form a collaboration. Future pieces will explore how to maximise it.
  • Bojan wrote about his Revised blogging workflow with Byword Premium, which has a neat publishing option that we’re both using to publish articles.

What I found interesting this week


This week I’ve been listening to ProdPod by Ray Sidney Smith. What’s different about ProdPod is that Ray has chunked up his podcast into two-minute episodes, which means you can get digestible little soundbites without listening to 30 minutes of waffle around it.

You’re not going to get deep, exhaustive insight in 2 minutes, but Ray has some interesting thoughts that are well worth listening to.


Ok, this one’s a bit of a cheat because I still haven’t finished Tribal Leadership (I had to deprioritise it during my Overwhelm period) but I recently read Mike St. Pierre’s mini eBook on running effective meetings and I enjoyed what he had to say. It’s not a particularly long book, nor is it hugely revolutionary, but for under $2 it’s not exactly expensive advice.

Blog of the week

Workflowing.net is going through something of a transition at the moment as Mike Vardy steps away from the collaboration and Mike Schechter flies solo. I really like what Mike S is writing at the moment, and Where should you start when you’re struggling to improve? is a great example of why I’m going to keep track of Workflowing.net.