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Benefits Of Waking Up Early

Waking Up Early Seemed Impossible

Never have I imagined myself waking up early. If it wasn’t for the jet lag, I don’t believe I would ever discover how amazing it is to wake up at 4 AM. And I did my usual thing, I went through email, answered Darren regarding some critical things regarding the upcoming magazine launch, checked my social web, and than everything remained silent. Only thing left to do, was to do the right thing, and write.

The body vibe when you wake up rested in the morning


There is a hum across my whole body vibrating with natural energy flow, that I usually would feel when I wake up fully rested. But as there is no opportunity to break this emotion with external stimuli, you actually keep it, knowing 100% that there is nothing to attack this train of positive thoughts and feelings. And that is empowering your mind to deliver more than you think you are usually capable of.

This energy is also breezing through your mind, it is unstoppable. These extra few hours you get, before everyone else are the ideal energy to use for your own most important personal goals. It could be studying, building your own business, or simply devoting them to nurturing your own body with exercise, these hours are the most valued possession you have, and you shouldn’t let anyone have them, but yourself.

Making the silent world a habit

The power of rising early comes from no distractions, no phone calls and it fits well with night owl mind, it is still dark out there… We need to aim to make this silent world a habit. That silence is giving us the opportunity to create, an opportunity we wouldn’t have otherwise, and we should be very grateful for it.

Isn’t it funny how everything operates within that confined rhythm? Natural cycles define us all. All I can hear is a rare and between hum of the passing cars. Did those people even sleep, or they just woke up for work, ahead of everybody else? And than, even that noise disappears, leaving this magical absolute silence in place… A silence where you can nurture your goals, and get closer to them. A time to work, while the rest of the world is still sleeping.

This is creating a permanent impact on morning routine, it is creating that vacuum in space and time, where I can get everything done, and enjoy it to the absolute maximum. Before I even get to my work today, I will feel accomplished, as the things that matter to me the most are done. Whatever comes next is just an echo of already amazing day. A type of day I want you to share with us…

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Brian is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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