Top 20 reasons why you should use Gmail

If you are not on Gmail bandwagon, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. There are various reasons why you should get gmail, but we will focus on why it’s more productive to use it. This is Google’s list of reasons, if you are not convinced enough read on, there are other hidden benefits for you to switch.

ten reasons to use gmailFor those of you who are attached to your old email address, stay tuned, we will keep you covered on how to keep your old email and enjoy the powers of gmail.

11. With Gmail you automatically get Google Account. When you have it, you can easily apply to all of the Google services.

12. If you are planning on switching to Android Phone, you will need to have Google Account in order to make most use of it.

13. You can get virtually unlimited number of custom addresses. These are great way when you are subscribing to a list and you might wonder if it’s spammy or legit. Now you can know who’s selling and giving away your email information to third party “advertisers”.

14. Filters and labels are your new best friend when it comes to organizing. You don’t need to waste any more of your time in putting an email in the appropriate “folder”, now it’s all automated and goes exactly where you wanted it to go.

15. You can include pictures and special formating in your signatures!

16. You can backup your emails to your computer by using Google Gears, Outlook or even Mozilla Thunderbird. If you want to make sure, you can easily make a backup at Bacukupify in the cloud.

17. Gmail with Boomerang lets you send emails in the future. You don’t want to forget a birthday or a meeting reminder? Or you want to send an email at specific time? Boomerang lets you do it!

18. Fetch your other mail: A recent quitly introduced Gmail feature is Mail Fetcher, which can check up to five other email accounts and download all that mail into your Gmail. To help keep things organized, mail Fetcher can automatically label and archive all this incoming mail.

19. Gmail allows extensive keyboard shortcuts, that can help you speed up your mail reading and replying. This is especially awesome for people on laptops without mouse attached.

20. Simply, because it’s the best free email client out there.