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Warning: These tips can get you a raise

These tips come from my own experience and they scored me a raise of 50% after 3 months of being employed on my first job. If they worked for me, they will work for you too! It’s a careful mixture of attitude and value creation for your employeer.

When you have a job, question of productivity comes in various different forms. There are three main factors that we need to consider when we are evaluating productivity in the workplace:  the first being how much value we bring to our company, the second one being how much value we bring to ourselves (how much we earn) and third one is education multiplier. People usually focus on completing the tasks that they get, while they are never being focused on the value they are delivering. When you understand value that you are bringing, you can renegotiate the dollars you are earning.

There is a huge gap, between being busy and creating value. The old school principle tells us that we need to appear busy in the eyes of our employers and that we work hard enough of highly unproductive tasks in order to get a raise. Wishful thinking and praying to Gods is old school approach, and most likely (with all due respect to your Gods) will get you nowhere.

I took different approach, and it seems that it does more good to me and my company. I got hired as Social Media Consultant, in a company where social media is not yet developed. Instead of preaching what I learned from other social media bloggers / gurus or from my own experience at that time, I tried to figure out what my boss wants answered and how to communicate value of my services effectively.

While my coworkers were arguing with my boss and tried to persuade him that they are right, I started thinking outside of the box and figured out that my boss is not stubborn as they percieved him. I completely agreed with him on every topic and with cleaver questions lead him to answers that I knew were working and delivering the desired outcome.

Quickly he started getting back for more and more tips, and my point of view on many different topics, apart from Social media.
So instead of doing boring and repetitive tasks that aren’t generating any value neither for me, nor for the company, I rose above the crowd and took significant management role, although, it still isn’t official, yet.

My work now doesn’t consist of working hard, rather its about working smart and creating value. In the end the results are all that matters, but only if you communicate the value of your work properly. There are cases where employee is over delivering, but he can’t explain the value of his efforts.

When you are in the workplace, the ultimate decision on your salary is in the hands of your employer, but ultimate responsibility is in your hands! I am not waiting for my employers to prop me a raise, I rather effectively communicate the things that my work brought as a result and politely translating that value into desired $$$.

Impact of education

With a masters in organizational leadership you will learn some esscential traits needed to make you have the skills needed to earn a raise. Masters degree or any other form of investment in your personal development will yield substantial return on investment over time. If you are commuting for a long time, than you should consider cramming the substantial portion of learning time into your commutes.


So does your personal productivity equates with how much effort you pour in, in your day job, or by how many dollars per hour you earn? These questions leads us to conclusion that productivity in the workplace is how much value we bring to the company and how it affects our income.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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  1. Way to go Bojan… Step it up, ask questions, and get the job done! I admire you for taking that road instead of the one that is ALWAYS traveled. Glad things are working out so nicely for you.


    1. Thanks for dropping by @017eb75f016d0844496d78c3567cc095:disqus … I just needed to spread the word to other people and set them on the right path.

    1. Even though you were botting, you took time to read the article, so you kinda created value for yourself and hopefully learned something new. So I will keep your backlink alright 🙂

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