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Time Management is Not a Technique, It’s a Habit

Time management is one of crucial habits for modern men. With amount of distractions we’re facing daily, we can’t seem to focus on what’s important. It can lead to a lot of frustrations, so you might give in and start procrastinating.  There seems to be many reasons why we should be way more efficient when managing our time, but there seems to be the problem for many people on implementing time management.

Numerous people keep failing at time management, no matter how much effort they invest. As many things in life that we want to improve, there is a pain period. Changing old habits is painful process, which makes it exceptionally hard to master any particular discipline. So what’s the secret to success of time management? Many people have asked me this question and I always have the same answer, make a habit out of it. Or better yet, continually start implementing new habits, one cycle at the time.

Rewarding good behavior patterns and making huge negative emotions within yourself whenever you don’t do something about your new decision. Hack your mind so you stick to your decisions.

You can’t simply deploy a couple of time management techniques and expect great results. Being a good time manager is all about “Kaizen“, which is Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better”. So don’t look for quick fix techniques, stop buying time and start developing your time saving habits.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

4 responses to “Time Management is Not a Technique, It’s a Habit

  1. It makes perfect sense.
    For me, when working, it doesn’t just depend on the priority but also on the time when my mind works better. My effective schedule is waking up early and start working immediately before I get sucked into a world of procrastination and doing those common time wasters.
    I discovered that my mind works great when I just woke up and if it still haven’t been corrupted by social media accounts and youtube videos. I think, time management is different for each and every one of us. My tip is whatever works perfectly for you, slowly make it a habit, stick with it or try out something to make it more effective.

    1. Glad you agree with me. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. A lot of People, operate more efficiently early in the morning.

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