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Let’s talk about metrics. When you know how you spend your time, you will have that certain thought in your head, that everything you do, will come back at you, and remind you what you did for the past week… You will know the reasons behind procrastination and all that good time spent shamelessly. So what to do about it? How do I know if I was wasting time or not? Can I get a reminder on how to stop doing what I am doing, simply because I am evading what I planned to do?

There are many tools out there that can help you out with this and I chose one. It’s Giving you the complete overview on how you’ve spent the time on the web. You want to increase time spent working and decrease all other activities…

You can apply this application at work, but if you’re working at home it can be very very hard to stay on track. Metrics are foundation to measuring your productivity. If you want to get productive literally instantly, you should start applying measurement of what you achieved during the day/week. Find time during the weekend to figure out how to improve it and how to stop slacking around.your time saver

Can you imagine the benefits that this free product is offering? And no, I am not advertising them, I am just amazed what I got at my disposal. Companies have been paying endless amounts of money in order to figure out how their employees are spending their time and nowadays you are getting these kind of informations by yourself for free? Don’t forget to make strong decisions and figure out which activities to throw out. Especially if you are working from home.

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