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Thoughts That Build Companies

This article first appeared in Alpha Efficiency Magazine: Issue 15: Startup Attitude

When we created this issue we talked a lot about the things that make startups tick. It resulted in a long list of thoughts that we thought were pretty cool, so we decided to share them with you.

Startup life means that you will put 16 hours of your day towards a more productive life. It means that most of your time you are working towards your goals.

Startups are successful for a single reason: small teams hack the usual production curve. One startup employee can create the value of ten other employees through determination and creativity.

There is no obstacle for people that are “startup-minded” because they are solution-oriented.

In order to live your life like a startup, you shouldn’t think “outside of the box”; That is already outdated mentality. You need to think like there is no box.

Leverage your strengths, but don’t stop working your ass off.

Think of your age like a startup curve. When you’re a kid, you’re in the seed round, when you hit the series A, you’re already at college. But when you hit series B, you better start making some money!

Finding investors and throwing money at your startup won’t solve the problems; Rely on your brain.

Often technology won’t help you. You will need your gut feeling and a realization to see what is missing before anyone else realizes it.

Consider all of your work as a product, and drive it towards perfection.

A paycheck won’t make you rich but creating value will. Don’t worry about money if you aren’t providing insane value for your customers. At the end of the day, the value will help you attract everything you need.

Failing is learning, but try to fail on a budget, and take home runs for free.

Observe the byproducts of your work; your new company or venture may lie in those hidden gems.

If you can’t live from your scalable product, providing services will improve your chances of survival.

Unemployment can be a blessing in disguise when it provides a window of limited opportunity.

###Start narrow until you got the unique product/service and unique clients then expand as resources grow.

Most of the things you need outsourced can be learned within a few days. Focus on the minimum of knowledge that brings in the maximum of the results.

Reading and doing are two completely different things.

Success breeds confidence, confidence breeds competence.

Making big wins consistently is not luck, it’s a choice.

As you create value, think of the ways you can sell it.

Being constrained with time and resources drives you to make the best and the most of your time and money. Combating scarcity is one of the best productivity hacks and creativity enhancers.

You can be cautious, as long as it doesn’t stop you from moving.

Startups solve problems in real time. They can’t afford to wait for months; By the time those months pass, they might not be alive anymore. It’s also a possibility you won’t be around here much longer. Embrace it.

If you dwell too much on improving productivity, you’re doing it wrong.

Tools are okay, but sometimes doing things with your own bare hands is definitively a hands-on experience.

Identifying the problem and solving it efficiently before anyone else is how you ensure early mover advantage. Getting an idea for your next step is a matter of listening, not sheer luck.

Don’t give up on things before you’ve given them an honest try.

Repetition is the mother of all learning: Take notes, and come back to them.

When you identify something that clearly works, creates a process, outsource it, rinse and repeat.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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