Thoughts on Evernote Reminders and the new update

This still doesn’t transform Evernote into task manager of my choice. The simple reason is that it lacks the recurring option that I still have in OmniFocus. Perhaps I am spoiled when it comes down to task management, but I still don’t feel ready to make this transition and go “Evernote All-in”.

Also, I don’t like that reminders are interfering with my notes and coming to the top of the list. Perhaps I would way prefer to have a separate view for the tasks, than it being bundled with the rest of the notes.

The thing that I find missing, is the loss of horizontal notes list. Horizontal notes allowed a rich view of all the details of the note, and they were working perfectly in the correlation to the sidebar.

What are they good for?

If I jot down a photo idea in Evernote, and plan out a task, or planning a trip, I can schedule some tasks that will pop out in my notification center. Also, it can be quite cool if you want to remind yourself of certain data (phone number, address, map screenshot) at the specific time.

What I am looking forward is Daniel Golds updated Evernote book, because I am quite sure that he gave way much more thought on how to make the most out of this new feature. If you are using Evernote as your main task manager, you will be in for the treat.

How do you use Evernote reminders?

Do you have an idea on how to maximize the potential of having your notes pop up as a reminder? How would you maximize this feature? Do you have some use case of your own? Let me know in the comments.


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    Im still not really into Evernote. Over the years they have improved extensively but unfortunately I still can’t say “Wo! This is what I want.” For some reason I like Microsoft Onenote a lot. Like it better than Evernote.

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      Unlike you, I don’t use Microsoft products for the most part, so not really thrilled about it. I know that One Note doesn’t support OCR, which is a dealbreaker for me.

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    The big advantage (for me at least) with Evernote reminders is that I’m in evernote daily. OmniFocus has become another spot I just don’t check which makes the ‘undone’ tasks just huge and scary.

    The best TODO/Productivity app is the one you check, regardless of the system it uses.