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The musings about my Generation Y

I was reading an article on MindJet blog on how to motivate the generation Y. We are a very different generation, unconventional. We have a lot of demands according to this article but do not offer a lot of structure for the baby boomers standards. Well to hell with their standards, let markets prove us wrong.

It’s going to put pressure on the employers since we don’t mind not working at all while trying to take off our own business. A lot of us are willing to quit the job and happily live with our parents than to accept the terms of our tyrannic employers. And this is going to put an enormous stress on businesses, in finding quality people.

How we save money

We think differently when it comes down to savings. I am pretty sure that the majority of us woke up to the reality that government-backed up retirement plans are pretty much going to fail by the time we are supposed to get to reap the benefits. So we are saving… We don’t expect that the system that used to work for the benefit of our grandparents, will work for us as well.

We are more adapt to live in the modern world, as we grew up with technology at our fingertips. It shaped the way our minds work. And thanks to that, levels of acquiring new knowledge that we received is immeasurable compared to former generations.

How we question authority

That led us to a position to question authority and look for alternative ways to deal with life and it’s challenging. This way of thinking already created great companies. Having Y generation billionaires, such as Mark Zuckerberg and his billionaire crew around him, leads us to a conclusion that we are changing the world already.

What truly motivates us

And there we are coming to a conclusion of the motivation of generation Y. We are motivated by change. We love the speed, we love to innovate and work in the ways we grew up. We want to shape the world according to our image, the same way that generations before us did. The same way the generation after us will desire and aspire to.

Five guiding factors that are creating motivated Generation Y employee

Pay him his worth – Many senior executives think that by hiring young people, will get slightly cheaper workforce than by employing someone with experience. We do not care particularly about the experience. We have experience of living in our world, no one else apart from us has experience with it, and we are becoming the money making and money spending force. Therefore we are in the position of negotiating the terms, not another way around.

Give him the proper tools – If you want your generation Y employee to achieve high-end results and make your company thrive than providing him with proper work tools is not negotiable. If you think that your 10 years old desktop with Windows XP is going to satisfy the needs of your employee, who in his house has a smartphone that has stronger specs than that than you have to reevaluate your competitive advantage.

Make his work meaningful – We are sick and tired of companies who just want to make profits and satisfy the corporate thirst for profit. Profits are important, they are the fabric of every business, but the purpose of business is to make provide value to the customers, not another way around. We want to feel proud of working for a company that delivers the results that we are passionate about. We want to be proud of working for something that is generating value for the community as a whole. If you want to rethink your companies old and boring mission statement, you should look up to Evernote, They want to build 100 years old business!

Engage him – Your employee doesn’t want to feel awkward in the environment where he works alone. We are social so engage us on our social networks. There are insanely great new approaches to Human Resources (I highly recommend… ) that are merging HR and Social Media. It’s all about us identifying with our company, as being the single entity.

Cut him the slice of the ownership – This is the biggest motivator. It worked before, it will work today even more so. The motivation of Generation Y doesn’t lie in paycheck alone, after all, we are the generation that thinks ahead, and allowing us to build something for ourselves and our future, is a motivating factor. You won’t be an employer anymore, you will be a big partner.

Ownership slice, further thoughts

If you keep thinking of the old terms and norms, eventually any competitive advantage that your business has will fade away. Corporations are very well aware of this fact, but they have the luxury of stealing the best talents away from you. If you know what motivates your talented employees and learn how to communicate with them, I am sure you will be able to extract more dollars per minute, than you imagined possible.

Brian Djordjevic
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Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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