The Matters of Principle & The Law Of Nature

Just because the system doesn’t suit you, doesn’t mean that the system is “rigged against you”. Some things are a matter of mind, and your whining isn’t going to help you change them. These matters of principle are greater than the law itself, they reflect through the nature, and only laws of nature, are stronger than the laws of men.

The power of nature is concealed in every one of us, and if we tap into it, we can move the world. We aren’t as powerless as society leads us to believe. We are much, much more than what we know about ourselves.

Society can’t rise above the law of the nature. Nature is the ultimate law. Human nature is the nature that defines our societal existence. If we create a society that doesn’t leave the room for the nurture of the nature, we will create a reality in which we won’t be happy. No matter how much we want to submit the will of the men, those who want to rise up, will do so, with or without societal interference. That is the strength of the human mind.

Those that aren’t capable to get to that level, will be smothered by the society itself. But under no circumstances will law of society submit a man that doesn’t want to submit. The law of nature is inside of every individual. It’s the will for life.