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The Leap Into The Unknown… Are You Sure that the College is the Right Answer?

Recently I’ve been hanging out with some people who’ve burned down the bridges behind themselves in order to follow an idea. The idea of pursuing something greater than themselves and finally coming to a point where they are going to achieve financial freedom. I am on that path, because financial freedom is ultimate igniter of the true productivity.

Imagine how productive you would feel if you could only pursue the things that are making you happy. Well, that’s what this couple is doing and they are inspiring me immensely.

I had a lucky break of events lately, where our boss allowed us not to come to the office. I loved this idea of his, in the end, it makes me a better worker. I actually don’t feel lazy about doing something that I am paid for, plus I can balance my own time. I am now comfortably sitting in my home office and enjoying every second of it.

That is the nature of internet working. Somehow I feel as if something greater than myself granted me this opportunity to feel cozy and relaxed inside of my house office. With this kind of beautiful weather  and the view at the Danube, while I am shaded from the direct sun, I can only feel immense joy. I feel blessed and lucky not to go into that industrious zone daily, which sucks out the life energy out of me.

Thank God for the internet. I have no idea what other kind of work would I be doing, had I not taken the chance to move forward into this direction. Would I be a banking clerk right now? Doing the worse type of 9 to 5, working with unhappy people. Being a stingy clerk, bank official. Ditching my traditional career and not pursuing masters degree were some of the smartest decisions in my life.

Once I ditched my parents decisions I made it clear in which direction I am headed, and it was not a path of security. It was a path of self realization and empowerment. I am learning daily and expanding the horizons of my mind. I don’t feel the stress and pressure from the society. I am not running in endless debts.

I believe that was the smartest thing regarding the banking. By learning the secret of compound interest I knew one really important thing. Not to ever take a loan in my life! Luckily for me, I didn’t need a loan to finish my college. From a rational point of view, a young person in a developed world has one big mistake to make in it’s life. And that is borrowing money for college.

It’s paying money, so you can be corporate slave. No promise of anything great in that. No matter how interesting my college life was, no matter how I learned some things there. It didn’t shape me to become what I am today. It was the worse mistake I ever made. If I knew better and if I didn’t have the world view that I have today, I would most probably say to my parents now, that I don’t ever want to sign up for college.

I know that there are many of you out there that believe that this was the financially savvy decision in your life, but it was motivated by security. For me, it was motivated by pure emotional pressure. I had no clue back than, what the college was. I knew that everyone else was going there and that I simply had to do the same. Well heck, it’s gonna be fun if everyone was doing it, right?

Wrong. It was just a burden, a thing that I had to go through before I realized that I never needed in the first place. Luckily, I woken up. And I want you to do the same!

Why would you pay for something that is already out there and free? Why would you have to go to listen to some people who lived their lives committing themselves to not following their dreams. Not I feel that it’s wrong, I feel as if the colleges are packed with CRAZY people!

Why are you people doing this to yourselves? We are powerful beings! We don’t need fancy letters of qualifications or assignments that are going to make us more knowledgable in the area that we are qualifying for. I mean what the heck is wrong here?

The real productivity comes out of a passion for creating something that is awesome and grants you a life that you want and deserve. That is the true nature of capitalism, and some of the greatest minds of the human history were college dropouts: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Dell…

They have trail blazed the path that millions of young people are threading. Take that chance, it’s worth it, even if you fail.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

9 responses to “The Leap Into The Unknown… Are You Sure that the College is the Right Answer?

  1. Awesome post here.  And let’s not forget “what is failure” its just learning a way something doesn’t work, so we can do better next time.  Edison failed at the lightbulb 1,000 times, but he still succeeded at changing history.

    1. @4c46ca00bcc6b9bf3fa1e327df456c2c:disqus I couldn’t agree more with you. Edison is one of the great inspiring leaders throughout the human history. Failing 1000 times is just figuring out the ways it doesn’t work.

      Once you find one way it does work, all bets are off and than things are moving in the right direction. 

      It’s a lesson from dedication.

  2. This my friend is something which I cannot agree more with. You said it better than ever, and touched all the right points. And this mind set not only is fairly innocuous with regards to our financial status, but it’s supporting financial freedom fully. No more comment is needed after such a post. I’m out of words.

      1. Thanks for asking, it’s doing quite OK really. We are planning to bring the productivity up a notch, and start working really hard in order to improve it. I remembered this post, and just wanted to drop a comment about something similar to this way of thinking that is very interesting; Everybody having a mindset that is even similar to this should really read “The Element” by Sir Ken Robinson. There he is really elaborating this thesis of his that education is actually educating us out of creativity. Read his book, or you can go and watch his presentation on TED.

  3. Passion is what starts great things and  I love Chris’s comment about Edison failing 1000 times, very inspiring!

  4. man, this idea was already been developing in my head and I completely agree with you in this post.. but I dont know how to explain to my mother that I dont to want to go to college (btw I’m from Brazil, hi!), SHE wants this and seems that don’t matter what I says, she just.. dont listen me.

    someone really have a idea of how I can deal with this “problem”?

    Thanks! Ah, and i’m 17 years old!
    PS: I discover your blog today so I still didnt read much about but for what I see, your blog is really nice and have some valuable ideas!

  5. Great post 😀 …

    Am currently in similar dilemma .

    Should I stay on college and finish one more year and get the hell out or even abandon it right now and start doing something productive , something I like …
    I think for those who already started it , it should be smart to finish it , just to assure your workplace for collecting money for the EMPIRE but still it might be a time waster …

    Good topic and you can’t get this thing in school …
    Props Bojan !

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